environmental factors

This movie portrays how a family, who has a member with a disability, encountered and overcame adversities from within triggered by several environmental factors. The protagonist, Carla Tate, who has an intellectual disability, seeks freedom from her mother, acceptance from others, and attention/love from opposite sex. Eventually she got those as the story developed. This only means that a disability should never serve as a hindrance in achieving your dreams.

On the other hand, it lso gives us an idea that persons who have sibling’s with a disability are also crying out for their parents’ attention because they too have needs. I never had the chance to experience having a sibling but I wish I had one. Actually, I can’t even relate when my cousins/friends speak of “sibling rivalry’. The bottom line of this is parents should be fair with their children; there should be no room for favoritism because it can serve as the root of quarrels and divisions. One thing that really intrigues me a lot is its title. It made me think about why it is called “The Other Sister”.

When I heard it (the title), I supposed that the protagonist is an illegitimate child. Then as I watch, I realized that I was wrong with my presumption and I ponder that it’s more far from but deeper than that. I remembered her lines, mies, I can if you will give me a chance, mother,” which drew me to a fact that more often than not, our parents worry too much to the point of impeding our capacity to grow. For me, she struggles a lot of being alienated inside her family – when she felt at first uncomfortable with hem, when they sent her away to a far special school, and when they still can’t fully accept (in denial of) her disability.

Alienation because they seem can’t hear the voiceawhich cries aloud within her, can’t feel the hunger in her heart and can’t see the real her. They want to view her the person they want her to be. It might be because they still have in their minds the little Carla whom they can easily dictate or manipulate. She is hardly begging for a chance – a chance not only to be independent but also to search for self-identity and to contemplate whom she wants o be despite of her disability.

I can hardly bear how much it would be difficult for persons with disability to fght for their right to be heard. Given the fact that they have a disability, still we should not forget that they also have life and right to live it to the fullest. The best part for me is when finally her mother granted her that chance to explore and celebrate life. Though it’s hard in her part to give that but indeed it was the best decision she made for Carla. Admit it or not, we also undergo/ undergone that same process.

To tell you the truth, even l, also experience unending expectations and it sometimes irritates me. Although it’s not bad for others to expect from you but when you’re being bound with too much expectations, it can actually exhaust you, overrule you, and even destroy you. This might serves as a boundary in achieving your goals. Yes, others’ opinions, including your family’s, matter but sometimes it hinders what and who you really want to be. Lesson: never allow others to dictate who you will be; at the end choice is yours. -Remigio, Czarine EFR1-3 the day, it’s still your lite, which means