essay;Male Bashing Stereotype

‘’Male bashing stereotype” by Kimberly Graham article is a first person account about the question of what women want and her wants and dislikes. The author’s main point is that no one really has a clear idea of what women want. There are so many books and shows about the wants and needs of both women and men but especially women and they are all inconclusive of what the whole populations of women really want. The author is right that whether you are a feminist or a typical woman you don’t always know what you want in a man.

A woman might want a man that is tall, handsome and makes a lot of money but she doesn’t want him to be controlling, a pig, or insulting. Sometimes when you ask for specifics characteristics you get stuck with others that are not welcome. You might want a man that works but you don’t want him to show up at your house all dirty from work for your date. It is hard to find someone that matches your specification exactly if you don’t even know what those specifications are and what sacrifices you are willing to make as a woman but have what you want.

The article targets people that want to learn about relationships and the stereotypes that are put out there about dating. The author wants people to dwell longer on what they don’t want instead of what they do want. “So what does this paper prove? I have come up with an answer to the question of what women want. Or have I? No, the statement is too vague. Society should not generalize-it’s an emotional question. ”