Essay;My Hunting Experience

One Saturday afternoon my dreams finally came true. My dad had gotten up very early to go hunting, when you hunt in the mornings you have to get up and be in your deer stand so that you won’t scare the deer, you have to creep in slowly. He had went hunting that morning and we had a very good piece of land off of Bringle Ferry Road, there have been many nice deer killed in there. Well my dad and the guy he works with lease it together, they both had gone hunting that morning. My dad had seen a few deer that morning but if there are does out there has have to be a buck around chasing them.

It is mating season you know. He had a small buck that was chasing some does and he got a good shot and took it. It ended up being a 6 pointer. When you shoot a deer you have to check it in so that the wildlife officers can try to see how much of a deer population we have. Most people around here check their deer in at Hill’s Minnow Farm on Bringle Ferry road that is where all the deer “drama” is. He went to check his deer in and while in the process he was browsing the aisles, and noticed a two person ladder stand. He then decided to purchase that two person ladder stand and take me hunting for my first time.

He came home with the ladder stand and proceeded to tell me his plans. Of course I was overjoyed. This was one thing that I have always wanted. Well you can’t hunt out of a tree stand unless it’s in a tree. So around 2 o’clock we went to our land and scouted out the perfect tree. We were way back in a pine thicket I had briers all in me and dad was just about tired of hearing me complain. He kept telling me if I didn’t stop I wasn’t going hunting. He finally found the perfect tree on the side of a hill and it looked like my deer stand was going to fall over and we were going to fall out.

It took him about an hour to get it hooked onto the tree and for us to get back to the truck and home. I was so excited I was crawling out of my skin. I forgot during all of my excitement happening dad had still killed a deer too. Well after we got back home he had to clean his deer before the meat went bad. I kept bugging him and bugging him about going and if it was time. Usually the sunsets around 7 or 7:15, and you need to be in the woods by 4 and 4:30 at the latest because as I came to found out all of this new information that deer like to come and eat before they go to bed is how dad put it to me.

So around 3:30 he told me to go get my camo out of my closet and to put it on and to get my hunting suit and my orange toboggan. I did all of this faster than he thought I could and of course I was ready to go. It was about 3:45 and we were going down the road, the closer we got the more excited I got. We finally got to the parking spot that was familiar to me from the previous visit just a few hours before. Dad instructed me of what I should do and how quiet I needed to stay. I slowly got out of the truck and went to the back door and opened it and put on my hunting coveralls.

Then I helped dad get the rest of the supplies we needed like our book bag and gun. We then started our hike into the woods. As we were walking dad was filling me in on little tidbits and hints that I would still be using today when I go hunting. Like trying to walk as quiet as possible and stay on your path. That walk felt like I was walking to Florida. When we finally got there I climbed up first then dad came up after me. He showed me the correct way to pull up the gun and how to get everything set up once we were up there. He also taught me that you never load the gun until you are in the deer stand.

Now for the boring part, sitting and waiting. I used to hate this part, but now it is my favorite. There is no better feeling than getting away from the world and sitting in a deer stand enjoying God’s beautiful creation. We sat there for an hour or more and then the sound we had been waiting for. That sound is a sound that all hunters know, first of all you get a mini adrenaline rush and your blood is just a pumping. As we watched this buck chase this doe, which is really how dad explained it. He then proceeded to tell me some very important steps.

How to hold the gun and line it up, and get it in the sights perfect right above the shoulder between its leg and the top of its back, and that’s exactly how I lined it up. He then proceeded to tell me I had to pull this little knob back to cock it and then when I was ready I could pull the trigger. Next thing I knew my ears hurt really bad and my shoulder hurt really bad. My dad was so excited he was crying. As I stood back up from being knocked down, I saw this deer flinching on the ground. My dad wouldn’t let me get down because he wasn’t completely dead yet, and he also told me that we would have to shoot him again so he would die.

I didn’t want to so I made dad, that just hurt way to bad. I couldn’t believe this was happening I had just shot my first deer. I was so excited to get down I forgot how far up I was and how much my arm hurt and my ears were ringing. So we got down and I was kind of scared at first but after my dad had touched him and picked him up then I felt more comfortable about it. I then was on top of it and holding it up. Now it was time for the fun part. Time to drag it all the way out, even though dad was dragging and I was walking and carrying everything.

Dad had the heavy load actually, even though I thought mine was pretty heavy. As we got closer to the truck and loaded it up then we started taking the usual pictures. And then we had to head over to Hill’s Minnow Farm to check my deer in just like my dad did that same morning. The people at Hill’s were shocked because we were just in there earlier buying the deer stand and now I had killed my first deer. That just thought that was the coolest thing that first my dad killed a deer that morning, then we went and bought that deer stand to take me for my first time, and now I had killed my first.

We thought that day was pretty ironic the way it panned out. But I sure am glad the way it did, hunting is one of my favorite hobbies that me and my dad can do together. In November of last year he took me on my first hunting trip to Illinois to try to kill me a really big deer but I didn’t have the same luck that weekend as I did here. But it was more of a learning experience. I’m so glad that my dad shared one of his favorite hobbies with me so that I can now share it with him too.