Ethical Issues in Businesses Today

Ethical issues in businesses today There are a million ethical issues in today’s businesses and unfortunately there is no perfect decision measurement for all these ethical issues in business. The ethical issues in international businesses are much more complicated and much more delicate, along with being tenfold in numbers. According to Wiley (1995), “ethics is concerned with moral obligation, responsibility, and social Justice. ” She goes on to say that “ethics reflects the character of the individual and more con temporarily per haps, the character of the business firm, which is a collection of individuals.

Mauro et all, 1999) It is evident that ethics play such a crucial role in businesses if we consider the instances like the “Enron company’s ethical break down”. Not only in “Enron”, but Dilemmas involving discrimination, harassment, fraud, contractual breaches, favouritism and consistent policies regarding pay, rewards and discipline are common occurrences in many organizations. (Hartel, C. E. J, Fujimoto, Y, 2010) “Industry Wide Ethical Issues in Business Following is a list of industry wide ethical issues in businesses.

The problem with these ethical issues in business is that they are not only really routine and frequent ut they are also more wide-spread Bribing powerful officials in order to get bids and tenders accepted and bribing competitor employees to get informational leaks is a serious ethical issue in business. In fact, it is a crime that is legally punishable in most countries today. Labor related issues like gender discrimination at workplace, employee harassment, minority community participation, working conditions and child labor are also some general ethical issues in busines