Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of potential decisions.

In Toronto, Black and Decker has granted nine distributors the rights to carry its products. It hopes customers will seek out the Black and Decker products. Black and Decker uses which of the following type of distribution? Answercentralized exclusive demand-pull selective 1 points Question 2 Managers typically follow five steps in the decision-making process. Which of the following steps is first? AnswerEvaluate the strengths and weaknesses of potential decisions. Gather information. Recognize or define the problem or opportunity. Establish a budget. 1 points Question 3

According to which of the following should a firm first identify consumer needs and then produce the goods and services that will satisfy them? Answerthe total exchange concept the market mission statement the marketing concept the sales concept 1 points Question 4 The CBC is experiencing poorer ratings during the new fall season than anticipated because of the decreasing number of younger people. Many experts in the entertainment industry believe that the audience for programming on the CBC network is people over the age of 55 in spite of claims by executives that its programming is designed to reach a younger, less conservative audience.

Which of the following statements correctly describes this situation? AnswerCBC does not have a target market. The target market for CBC is people over the age of 55. CBC does not need a target market because other television networks succeed without one. CBC is efficiently reaching its self-defined target market 1 points Question 5 Which of the following is an expense item for an independent bookstore? Answerorder forms the building in which store is located book shelves display cabinet for first editions 1 points Question 6

What is the relatively small group of managers at the head of an organization that establishes overall strategy and long-range goals? Answerfunctional management supervisory management top management middle management 1 points Question 7 Gillette decided to plant a tiny computer chip in its products’ packages to attempt to revolutionize how its inventory was managed. Which of the following management functions would be used to achieve its goal of greater efficiency? Answercontrolling staffing organizing planning 1 points Question 8

A person who works as a sales representative for a manufacturer or wholesaler and gets paid a commission on any sales is known as which of the following? Answermerchant wholesaler broker agent merchandiser 1 points Question 9 Which of the following is an example of an individual factor that influences the consumer decision-making process? Answerpersonality neighbourhood opinion leaders family 1 points Question 10 What is a basic form of market segmentation that uses variables such as age, education, and income? Answerbenefit segmentation demographic segmentation population segmentation psychographic segmentation