facilitating and teaching online!

I have a passion – facilitating and teaching online! It’s a great opportunity for me to share my experiences while at the same time learning from all of you. I have taught both onground and online for the last 9 years. My areas of focus have been human resources, communications, marketing, management, administration and business. I enjoy teaching online because I learn so much from each individual student! By sharing experiences we can all learn from each other and apply what we’ve learned to our own professions.

In addition, I have a passion for online learning because it gives so many non-traditional students an opportunity to complete degrees. Previous to teaching online full time, I was the Director of Human Resources and Branch Operations at BFG Supply, Co. BFG is a supplier of greenhouse goods throughout the Mid-West. I built the Human Resources department from the ground up and then found myself in charge of 10 remote locations. This was a challenging position and really helped broaden my operations experiences.

Previous to this, I was the Director of Human Resources for a dot com called All Outdoors in Traverse City, MI. Although my title was HR, I wore many hats and worked in each department of the organization. This was perhaps one of the best jobs ever. We had a creative “team” environment. I helped build the company from the ground up but, unfortunately, it did not weather the dot com storm well. Prior to All Outdoors, I worked on the Great Lakes as a Deck Officer, Pilot, and Fleet Supervisor for Inland Steel out of East Chicago, Indiana (Chicago area).

This, too, was a great learning experience for me both personally and professionally. I worked both on board ship (that’s right…I drove big boats! ) and in the office to deliver the raw materials to the mill to make steel. In addition to the navigation and cargo handling responsibilities, I also was responsible for HR, safety, logistics and general fleet management. I have a BA from the Ohio State University in Political Science, an AAS in Maritime Technology from the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, a MSA in administration from Central Michigan University, and a PhD in education from Walden University.

I am an only child and help my parents who are getting older (yet another reason I love teaching online – flexibility! ). I have a boyfriend of 10+ years…we have 2 four-legged children – westies. They keep me hopping in between discussion posts. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. COURSE POLICIES Evaluation: There are 1000 possible points. I will update the online grade book weekly so that you always know where you stand grade-wise. It is your responsibility to check the grade book weekly. The performance evaluation (grading) is divided up as follows (See classroom for specifics on assignments.

There is no extra credit in this class. Late Policy: Assignments submitted after the due date will not receive full credit. Assignments will be reduced based on the following schedule: within 24 hours of due date (1 day late)reduced by 5% within 48 hours of due date (2 days late)reduced by 10% within 72 hours of due date (3 days late)reduced by 20% within 96 hours of due date (4 days late)reduced by 30% within 120 hours of due date (5 days late)reduced by 40% within 144 hours of due date (6 days late)reduced by 50% For example, if you turned in an assignment worth 100 points, 2 days late, the highest possible score you could receive is 90 points.

NO CREDIT will be given for assignments turned in more than one week late. In order to finish the term project, and the class, weekly assignments MUST be kept current. Because discussion is dynamic and needs to occur throughout the week in order for student’s to reap the full benefit, the rubric portion of the discussion outlined in the discussion section of the syllabus can not be submitted late. Discussion needs to occur within the week in which it is assigned. Be on time, allow extra time for problems, but accept the penalty if you miss it– this is the real world. NOTE: Because final grades need to be posted, no assignments will be accepted after the last day of the term.