“false memory”

He decides that it is a “false memory” and that they did not matter as long as one knew what the memories stood for; he proceeds to smile at the portrait of Big Brother and his legs convulse as the announcement is made that Oceania won the war. Short Answer Questions for Entire Novel 1. During Winston’s stay in the Ministry of Love, O’Brien asks Winston, “How does one man exert his power over another” to which Winston replies, “By making him suffer”.

Explain how The Party is able to maintain control and power over its citizens (proles and party members alike) by making them suffer. Cite examples from the text to support your answer. There are several instances in which The Party makes the citizens suffer; for instance, in part three, Winston’s elbow is smashed as O’Brien identifies himself as a member of the Ministry of Love. It is at this very moment when Winston comes up with the hypothesis that no one can be a hero if they are physically tortured.

There is also the example of the party members doing exercises like toe touches (Winston particularly has trouble actually executing the exercises). In a way, this results in the party members having to be even more obedient (since the telescreen watches everything). The telescreen is what controls everything; if you even think of revolting against The Party, you will be terminated; and not a word would be said about it, yet it intimidated the rest of the population (proles and party members alike) because they wanted to avoid being vanished.