Federalism on Accountability

Leon, This is an excellent assignment, one that you should be very proud of. Starting with an impressive introduction, you outline the paper’s parameters and explicitly state its argument. Your analysis draws upon a wide range of sources and utilises them very effectively. Indeed, you have structured your paper so that the reader is never left questioning its progression. In this, your train of critical thought is evident. It is clear that you have a very strong understanding of the topic as is highlighted through your well-constructed argument.

Your conclusion reiterates the main points of your paper well, and draws the all together into a satisfying conclusion. With your last paper I criticised your disjointed writing style and the lack of narrative flow. It is obvious that you have taken these comments on-board and have worked towards their successful resolution. In saying that, there is still room for improvement in this regard. While your transitions are much improved, some shifts between paragraphs feel a little messy. Being aware of this issue, as you clearly are, will help you continue to improve your writing style. Well done.