Financing Polynomials

The assignment that I will be discussing is financial polynomials. The use of financial polynomials is used in the real world all the time. Financial polynomials are really important because it is an easy way for you to figure out how much you need to be able to plan a trip, retirement, or a college fund. Using the formula p (1+r/2) ^ (2) we could compound the interest semiannually.

In this assignment I’m going to solve and demonstrate my knowledge of each problem, how and why it is applicable to my everyday life, state if there is another way division could be carried and worked out and incorporate each of the five vocabulary words into my discussion. Before I start my problem using the formula p (1+r/2) ^ (2) I’m going to have to rewrite the formula without the parenthesis. P (1+r/2) ^ (2) Formula (1+ r/2) (1+r/2) Since it is squared you have to write it 2 times 1+r/2+r/2+r^ (2) /4 Using the foil process (1+2r/2 +r2/4)Combining like terms P (1+2r/2+r2/4) Bring the p down it is still in parenthesis

P +2/2 pr + r2p/4 Next I’m going to multiply p by each term P+2/2Pr +r2P/4 is rewritten without parenthesis is not in descending order P=200 and r=10%/100 =. 1 200+2(. 1) (200)/2 + (. 1) ^ (2) (200)/4 I plugged in 200 for P and . 1 for r. I solved the equation and got = $220. 50 Dividend Next I’m going to do the same thing for P=5670 and r=3. 5% 5670+2 (. 035) (5670)/2 + (. 035) ^ (2) (5670)/4 I plugged in 5670 for P and . 035 for r and I solved the equation. = $5870. 18 Dividend Using this formula could be very important in my everyday life If I wanted to put money to the side to plan a trip or a college fund. I would know exactly how much

money I would need to put to the side to do so. (-9x^3 +3x^2-15x) / (-3x) Next I’m going to divide -3x by each term -9x^3/-3x 3x^2/-3x -15x/-3x -3 is the Divisor -9x^3/-3x =3x^2 3x^2/-3x = cancels out and becomes a –1 or –x -15x/-3x=5x 3x^2-x+5x I do not know of another way that division could be approached and worked out. In conclusion, I stated why financial polynomials are very important in my everyday life. I demonstrated my knowledge and solved each problem. I stated that I did not know of another way that division could be approached and worked out. I incorporated each of the five vocabulary words into the discussion.