Folk and Popular culture

In this episode it doesn’t really show any type of entertainment. They are spending time together and at the end playing some drums. For the outfits the women are all wearing vintage dresses. The Men are wearing are wearing suits and slacks. The little boy is dressed up nicely for a little boy. Slicked back hair. Using lots of hand expressions to speak. 1970’s The Brady Bunch: They are playing games and building forts.

For the outfits the mom is wearing a blouse and skirt. They are almost all wearing light wash Jeans. Women have their hair short. There is background music in 2 scenes in this video, which in I love Lucy there wasn’t. The housing seems very nice, almost like houses today. In this episode there is a maid or I think that’s what she is. http://www. youtube. com/watch? FdCMYX05ek1c 1980’s and 90s The Cosby Show: In this episode The dad and mom are having a serious talk with their children.

The children seem un interested and want to leave quickly. They finally stay and listen. They are wearing vintage, plaid, sweater, and Jackets. The girls are wearing skirts or light wash Jeans and the men are wearing slacks or kakis. http://www. outube. com/ watch7FkrXXOcMUhOs 21st Century Modern Family: They are wearing Jeans and modern shirts. Their form of entertainment was technology. The kids were very disappointed when they found out they were grounded from it. http://www. youtube. om/watch? v=PC9fH-4XzJg#t=17 2. I noticed that in I love Lucy the family was very small. The families have progressed since then with more people in the family. The forms of entertainment also changed along the years. In all the families they always communicated to each other their thoughts. 3. Today people are using technology as a source of entertainment and I noticed it asn’t like that in the other television shows. 4. Television shows “popular culture” it shows what they believe life is like.

In I love Lucy she went to go visit her husband’s family and wanted to talk to them in Spanish, but was not good at it. In the Brady Brunch, it shows a feud between the girls and boys. In the Cosby show they are having a conversation telling the kids they can come and tell their parents anything no matter how bad they think it is. In modern family you obviously see technology as a big part of their lifes. You can make inferences about the different times by looking