good social skills

It is mostly due to peer pressure. In such a situation, parents are often seen questioning the counsellors as what can be done to encourage their child to concentrate and also have good social skills at the same time. Well, here are a few answers. The key to having good concentration is being smart. The child should be smart enough to concentrate while having fun. This can be done in many ways. While in class, if he/she is finding it hard to concentrate, here are a few tips they can adopt in order to improve their concentration skills. . Sit in the front row. Sitting in the front row helps you steer away from distractions like speaking to your friends, whispering or even passing notes.

The closer you sit to the teacher, the better you understand. 2. Participate in class. The people who concentrate, know that the key to good concentration is participation. Ask questions, start a discussion, debate with the teacher. It might sound to be geeky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to get out. It is a lot of fun and you also learn extra. . Strategize your notes. Jotting down the points the teacher says is something which every child in class does. Don’t be stereotypical. Don’t make notes, instead make learning strategies. It’s fun and at the same time it’ll make you stand out and you also will be entitled to think out of the box. 4. Turn off your phone. Having a phone is a major distraction. In class, make sure your phone is turned off. Don’t cheat yourself by profiling it to vibrate or silent. Turn it off, be honest to yourself.

Nothing will jar your concentration more than getting a text from your friend during a class. 5. Get some good breakfast. It can be really hard to concentrate when your stomach is growling away the hunger. It’s hard to concentrate on what is being taught when you’re raiding a buffet in your mind. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. But ensure that you don’t fill your stomach to an extent where it will make you sleepy. 6. Have props while studying. Having a prop to play with while studying can make studying so much fun.

For example : If you are studying about the earth, have a globe in your hand. Turn it around, see where the countries are located, play with the globe. This will make studying easier. 7. Use gadgets for studying. If you are bored of using the same old paper and books, use e-books. Buy an iPad or simply make notes on your laptop. 8. Have group study parties. Invite a bunch of friends over to your house and call it a “study party”. This not only sounds cool but is also beneficial. It will help you to study and will also improve your social status.

But all you have to ensure is that you actually study with those friends and not just waste time in talking, dancing and playing around. 9. Exercise everyday. Yoga and meditation is the best way of improving one’s concentration skills. Even 10 minutes of meditation will calm your mind and will help you concentrate with a clear mind. I have been practicing these tips for a long time. And it has helped me achieve a lot of things in my life. I suggest the readers to follow these guidelines and be successful in your life.