growing economical superpower,

India is said to be the growing economical superpower, which will open a huge opportunity in the Management of Science and Business at the same time making a rational decision of where to land after getting higher education. What kind of a higher education will enhance my knowledge, skill and capabilities to the best? To place myself according to the growing economy of India and to gain the maximum out of it I came to a decision of doing MBA in UK.

As UK has always been a good source of in providing world class education, I am eager do my MBA from London School of Business and Finance in UK. I was always been supported by my family for doing something big. They provoked me in dreaming big. My career was taking shape when I was about to complete my Bachelors degree in Commerce. I was always interested in this field. I took a decision of doing MBA in Finance and Marketing.

My short-term goal is to place myself as an efficient manager of a renowned organization where I can give a better shape to my skills and capabilities and to be in a process of continuous learning. However, my long-term goal is to set up a firm of my own, where I can put all the innovative ideas that I have. Before that I will have to prepare my self for being efficient in implementing those ideas, which is, indeed, not easy. When it comes of doing MBA in UK it always makes me feel proud.

Doing MBA from there will not only provide me with lots of experience but I will also give an international exposure which will be a big plus point for attaining my career goals. It will help me learning things in a diverse environment. It will have positive impact on my life and values. MBA in UK is the best and it gives exposures to new avenues. I am looking forward to join London School of Business and finance (LSBF) and it will be great getting the degree from University of Wales from UK.