harmful effects Factories May Contaminate and Pollute Residential Areas

There is a lot of harmful effects. I am totally disagree to this construction especially in the residential areas because it will bring the environmental pollution afterwards. There will be no such word as comfortable if our neighborhood is affected by pollutions. It is obvious that construction of factories will bring more disadvantages to the residential communities and should be stopped before it was too late. However, there are people that believe the construction will bring them benefit especially for those who plan the construction.

They believe that factories are the opening door for job opportunities. In addition, its benefit will enhance family economy and improve national economy as well. This construction will get out the unemployed teenagers away from unhealthy tendency such as loitering. Indirectly, factories in residential areas will ease the employers in term of cost saving in transportation expenditure. Still, the construction will lead to environmental pollution. For example thermal pollution will lead to the increasing number of infectious disease-causing vectors since the river and air temperature is conducive to them.

High temperature encourages the multiplying of vectors such as rats, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. The spread of vectors such as mosquitoes can cause diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Meanwhile, high rate production of rat also occurred. These animals could spread the disease such as Legionellosis Leptospirosis that spread through urine or feces. In addition, the construction of factories also affects our health. For example, air pollution leads to lung and circulatory system problems. Other than that, chemical pollution will take place. Chemical pollution leads to water source contamination.

The contaminated water contains mercury and lead is very harmful to our health especially to our nerve system. Besides, noise pollution from factories also harmful especially to our hearing system. It could have a permanently or temporarily impacts to our eardrums. Noise from the constructions also distracts our focus and concentration in work especially for those that live near the constructions site. Children also have great difficulties to concentrate during their revision. So, these constructions should not be carried out. By only stopping the constructions, any negative impacts can be avoided.

It was always true that prevention is better than cure. It will also ensure our neighborhood safe to live and can live in peace and security. Our future generation deserves better environment and we as the caretaker should inherited healthy and secure environment and living hood area. Bicycle Lane in Residential Area. Cycling can reduces pollution and protect the environment. However, the facility for the bicycle lane is very limited. Most of road projects forget to provide a special lane for bicycles include in my residential area. I hope the authorities can provide bicycle lanes for our comfortable and safety.

In addition, cycling will be a safety and joyful activities for our leisure time. Bicycle lanes are very important for the safety of cyclists at any time. Even the children can ride in bicycle lane because it is safer than using the main road. Cyclists will feel securely comfortable if special lane for bicycle is provided. They can cycle anywhere they go especially for a short distance destination without worrying any unpredictable accident on roads. In addition, bicycle lanes will be safer area for cycling activities as a leisure activity in any time they want.

Indirectly, cycling will improve their health. It also helps to strengthen relationship among them and enhance the sporting enthusiasm. Construction of these lanes will also be increasing the number of cyclists and plays major contribution of reducing the air and noise pollution. Furthermore, the construction of these lanes need little space beside the road and does not require high cost for authorities to build it. Besides, specific lanes for bicycle will not interfere with other vehicles such as cars and so on. Cyclists have their own lane and this will facilitate all road users.

All road users can use their own space without worrying about cyclists that could interfere with them. The provider of specific lanes for cyclist also reduces the traffic jam. It is very obvious that the construction of bicycle lanes would be very beneficial. So, it is a great hope to see these lanes will be constructed so that all parties can use this facility for the fullest. As mentioned it is very important in term of safety and comfortably for all the road users. For cyclists especially in my residential area, this bicycle lane is a great needed. ope this bicycle lane will be provided in our residential area. How to get a driving license. Driving license is important to those who want to drive by their own without relying on others. When we reach the age of seventeen, is certainly of interest arise for self-drive vehicles and what we need is a driving license. There are several ways to get a driving license which such as registration with the legal driving institution attended the test laws via computer and practical test authorized by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya (JPJ).

In order to get a driving license, all these steps should be taken. Below are some descriptions of every step to get a driving license. Firstly, you need to register with the legal driving institution. Different institutions have different facility and payment. Make sure you ask the driving operators about the whole package that their offer and the total of payment. Currently, the payment to take a car’s driving license is between RM800 to RM950. However, you can reduce the cost such as refuse transportation facilities, reduce hours and pay their own study of L and P icense at the JPJ. You only confirm your registration if all of your circumstances are fulfilled. Next, you need to attend a computerize law examination. However, you need to attend the Driver Education Course for six hours. Then, after for at least three days, you can sit for the test. You need to score at least 42/50 marks to pass the exam. If you are fail, you need to reseat the exam until you pass to qualify for Pre-L class. The charge for reseat the exam is RM50. 00. After you past the exam, you need to attend the Pre-L 3-hour theory and 3-hour of practical.

Your attendance is compulsory to enable you to obtain a certificate-JPJL2B. This certificate enables you to learn the practical driving. Practical of driving training usually about 4 to 5 classes that needs 8 to 10 hours. Finally, you need to pass the practical test authorized by JPJ. This practical test can only be taken after you pass the pre-qualification. This exam is divided into two sections, carried out on the track and road. You must pass both sections to enable you to obtain a license-P.

If you are fail, normally you will be charged RM100 – RM200 including 1 or 2 classes to enable you to reseat the exam. But if you pass the exam, you will get your license-P in a week. Then you are free to drive on the road legally. In conclusion, you need to take all the steps discussed above to qualify you to have a legal driving license. There will be easier for you to drive without relying on others anytime and everywhere you want. The day you get your driving license will be an interesting beginning to gain experience of driving by your own on the road.