Hawaiian’s Monarch

In contrast the Royal Hawaiian’s Monarch room is located on a beachfront area of the hotel on the ground floor. The same floor holds the main lobby, restaurant, terrace area, and entrance to Waikiki beach. This would be cause for distractions and noise while meetings are going on. See Fig. 2 below for ground level floor plan. [pic] Fig. 2 Ground Floor, Royal Hawaiian Ben Armstrong2March 21, 2012 Location Residing on the west side of Oahu, the Ihilani Resort is located in Ko‘Olina, home to both residents and tourists alike.

The private lagoons, marina, and golf course provide a country/villa feel in the atmosphere surrounding the hotel. With no traffic or loud city noises, the convention can be held in peace. It is also a change of scenery for those who have been to numerous conferences and meetings in Waikiki. Although the Royal Hawaiian is known for it’s bright pink exterior, it is located in the heart of Waikiki. Being surrounded by a mile-long shopping center, the hotel is always busily buzzing with tourists and locals alike.

Since the HFIA convention hosts locals from our islands, shopping would not be such an attraction but more of a distraction. Dining The in-hotel dining choices for the Ihilani consists of 2 formal dining restaurants, an in formal all day restaurant, a poolside patio, and a bar. The Azul restaurant features Italian dine-in cuisine while Ushio-Tei serves an authentic Japanese buffet and entrees. Both restaurants are rated highly for their atmosphere and customer service. The Royal Hawaiian features Azure, a dine-in restaurant the overlooks the ocean with both an inside and outside terrace.

Being in open-air, there would be no room for small talk with all the action happening around. Although they are also a four-star restaurant like Azul and Ushio-Tei, dinner is a way to debrief from long conventions and meeting hours. Parking A covered parking lot is provided for guests staying at the Ihilani hotel. Key card access is needed to get into the parking lot, assuring guests that their cars are safe. The lot is also connected to the meeting area for those not staying at the hotel.

The convenience of having a gated parking lot puts stress aside for the convention goers. Valet service is provided at the Royal Hawaiian for a price. Another parking structure is located off-site from the hotel, but at the shopping center instead. The other parking garages located in Waikiki do accept overnight stays but are at least a 10-minute walk from where the convention is being held and a minimum $20 charge. This causes confusion and problems for those just attending the convention. Ben Armstrong 3March 21, 2012 Conclusion

As you can see, the Ihilani resort is a prime candidate to be considered to host the HIFA regional convention this year. It’s location separates itself from the rest of the conventions going on at the same time and focuses on the main purpose of our gathering. By utilizing it’s secluded meetings room we also enhance the importance of our assembly. Please e-mail me at ahipolito@barklays. com with any questions or details you have. We anticipate a great turn out this year, and look forward to working with you to host a successful convention.