health and safety legislation

You have a new member of staff starting and you are responsible for giving them all the information on health and safety requirements in your setting they need to be aware of. Prepare a document/presentation to give to them, which should include the following information: * A brief explanation of the relevant health and safety legislation * How you plan and maintain a healthy and safe environment * What factors do you consider when planning the environment to ensure safety for all. Health and safety legislation.

Within the early years setting, we have a duty of care. This means looking after the children and keeping them safe when they are in our care. The health and safety at work act 1974 covers all employment settings within great Britain. The requirements within the act are that:- Buildings should be well kept and with the safety of who ever will be accessing it in mind. The environment as a whole should be kept safe and clean. All equipment should be stored in a safe place. The way in which the staff work should promote the safety of children.

Health and safety within the setting. The will be policies and procedures covering health and safety within our setting. As en employee you should be aware of all of the health and safety requirements. The setting should be safe for everyone and not pose risk of danger or injury. A system of safe practice should be in place. Any chemicals or substances should be stored safely and out of the way of the children. All staff should be given the appropriate training and information on the health and safety of the setting and safety regulations. If any rotective clothing is needed then it should be provided free of charge. If and serious injuries or diseases were to happen then they should be reported to the health and safety executive. There should be first aid equipment provided. A representative of safety should be consulted about any issues affecting the work place. All employees should look after their own health and safety and the of the others around them, where their actions could affect others. The employees should cooperate with their employer on health and safety to ensure they keep a safe working environment.

Within our setting. Within our setting we have daily checks covering all areas of the building. These are to be done at the beginning and end of each day. We have risk assessments as well which we use to prevent hazards. We keep all hazardous chemicals in the cupboard in the kitchen with a lock on the door. Also the children are not aloud into the kitchen. There is a gate with a lock on to stop them getting through. We have child friendly scissors which are only used under adult supervision.

The cutlery that we provide the children with is plastic and so are their plates, bowls and cups. All the taps on the sinks that the children have access to have a block on them. This prevents them from getting to hot so the children cannot get burned. We have socket covers on all plug sockets. We do all the cleaning once the children have left the setting to prevent slips and trips. We have a lock on the front gate and back gate. This is so the children can not get out, but also so that nobody can get in without being let in. ll the radiators have covers on so the children cannot burn themselves on them. Any free standing unit’s the we have, have got locks on the wheels so they cant be moved or run over a child’s foot. We have things on all of the doors to prevent children shutting their finger in them. We make sure we think about all the risks within our setting and we address the problem to prevent an accidents happening. We have policies and procedures in place covering all factors of the setting, ensuring we make it as safe an environment for the children and employees as possible.