how Jews were treated very inhumane.

Night, the time God Disappeared Night, the time when God broke promises to Jews and the Nazis kept the ones they made. Elie Wiesel wrote a heart breaking, mind boggling book that goes by the name of Night. Night tells the story of Elie Wiesel during the Holocaust. During that time the Jewish people were mistreated, betrayed, and dehumanized. The theme of a story describes the central messages of the story. There are many themes of Night. One that will be discussed has the horrid name of in humanity. During the Holocaust the Jews were treated very inhumane.

They were beaten, dehumanized, and also killed. At the labor camps, the people were feed very little, had to work many hours and mistreated. They symbol of silence affects the story when the Jewish people had their rights taken from them, when they found out that they were going to be deported also, when the Jewish nation never said anything about the slaughtering of their people. The theme of this paper comes across as Silence. It shows how the Jewish people thought that nothing bad could come of this situation.

Elie Wiesel states, “The first step: Jews would not be allowed to leave their houses for three days- on pain of death. ”(Wiesel, 8). When the Jewish people had their rights taken from them, they adapted to the rules and didn’t speak out. This event showed silence because no one asked why? Or how come? It seemed like the Jewish people were not worried of afraid, as if they did not find this alarming or questionable in anyway. This event in the story makes it seem like even though these rights were taken away, anything else wouldn’t matter that much either.

It would be like not being permitted to drink soda, then juice, then water, then anything. The Jews thought that they could live without going outside, like it was a luxury for them. This milestone in the story shows the theme of silence by saying that the restrictions would not kill them (meaning that everything that happens would not have any damage). When the Jewish people were deported, they did not say a word or did they ask why they should move or listen to the Nazis.