how motivation can mean to impel or move to action

Motivate can mean to impel or move to action. In my eyes my mom was just that. My mom worked very hard to instill values and morals in me. She also was a very independent and strong individual. Her story not only motivates me, but also inspires many others in my family. My mom instilled moral and values in me that will last a life time. She made sure we knew the difference in right and wrong at a young age. My sisters and I always knew that not only god was watching us but also she had her eye on us all the time.

She always took pride in making sure each and every one of us respected ourselves as well as others. She made sure that we all would grow up a bright young lady’s, by instilling morals. Being a young lady requires one to defiantly have morals. My mother expected us to behave and follow rules at all times, even when we were frustrated at an individual, because we knew it was not tolerated. My mom is a very independent person. My mom raised 7 girls on her own, by staying true to herself and learning from her mistakes, even when times got tough she fought through.

My mom worked hard her entire life. I remember times when she would walk to work and sleep on the couch so we had a good night’s rest. There were also times when my mom really struggled but she never asked for aid from a family member or government agency. I can remember my mom always taking care of her children and never giving up. My mom is a very strong person like superwomen. There were times in her life that the average person would have given up.

She has given up her health for us, by putting her children first. Some of her health problems would have not been survived by the average person. She was a single mom on a factory salary by being very intelligent women. Being a motivator is never easy. My mom really made it look that way. My mom always made the best of every situation and took pride in raising her children. As I get older I strive to be half the mom she was by instilling values and morals and always being independent and strong.