Human Behavior Genetics

Discovery and Delivery Skills Quiz: What’s Your Profile?

To get a quick snapshot of your discovery-delivery skills profile,

take the following self-assessment survey (1 = strongly dis-

agree; 2 = somewhat disagree; 3 = neither agree nor disagree;

4 = somewhat agree; 5 = strongly agree). Remember to answer

based on your actual behaviors, not what you would like to do.

1. Frequently, my ideas or perspectives diverge radically

from others’ perspectives.

2. I am very careful to avoid making any mistakes in my work.

3. I regularly ask questions that challenge the status quo.

4. I am extremely well organized at work.

5. New ideas often come to me when I am directly observ-

ing how people interact with products and services.

6. I must have everything finished “just right” when com-

pleting a work assignment.

7. I often find solutions to problems by drawing on solu-

tions or ideas developed in other industries, fields, or


8. I never jump into new projects and ventures and act

quickly without carefully thinking through all of the issues.

9. I frequently experiment to create new ways of doing


10. I always follow through to complete a task, no matter

what the obstacles.

11. I regularly talk with a diverse set of people (e.g., from

different business functions, organizations, industries,

geographies, etc.) to find and refine new ideas.