hurtful racial word ever created.

It is probably the hurtful racial word ever created. It is a word known primarily as a means to degrade African Americans. The word packs such power to represent overt racial hatred; most people regardless of race will not even say it. In the dictionary the word nigger means, usually offensive, a member of any dark-skinned race and ignorant. The n word is word used to cause pain to African American people it is used to offend us so use it.

It is a degrading word; a word that whit people used to as they use to say put us in our place. So why do we think it is ok to us it as a term of endearment. It was used as a word that brought our ancestors so much pain so why do we feel it ok to use it when they fought so hard to end the use of the word against them. The NAACP had a funeral for the N as a way to put an end of use of the word, as a way to show the world that the word had no more meaning or pain when used as a put down, but the world still uses the word.

Some people don’t even know the meaning of the word but still use it thinking its cool or the thing to do. Since the meaning of the word changed in the African American community people think its ok to use if you change the ending of the word from “er” to an “a” it is still the same word and in turn has the same meaning and should still not be used. Most people do not even know what the word means. t a word that brings pain to African American people and remind us that we are inferior and beneath white people. And we use it as a term of love, endearment. Changing the meaning dose not erase the pain it caused to our ancestors. The word should not be used especially by African American people in college because being in college shows that you are educated to get this far and the word means you are ignorant not educated, and in turn degrading yourself .