identifying and evaluating language features

I am analyzing a transcript of Jamie’s Dream School Series1 and will be identifying and evaluating language features used

Starkey is a teacher and is in a position of authority and has a preconceived notion his students are not serious as such, sees the need to drive home a few key facts which includes the reason for their being in school. He does this by laying emphasis on repetitive pronouns e.g. ‘you’, ‘you’ve’ as he draws into the conversation.

Connor interrupts and thus overlaps Starkey by saying “yeah right’ in response to Starkey’s comment on some animals being faster. Starkey finds this rude and considering his position of authority and preconceived notion of the students not being particularly bright, he responds in an equally insultive manner stating Connor was fat and couldn’t really move. At the point, the conversation changes from formal to informal and he uses ‘you’re”

This sparks overlapping laughter and noise from the rest of the class. Connor takes it personal and uses colloquial/slang language ‘yeah’ and ‘man’ in his response and further insults Starkey who uses courtesy items in response “Yes // now// right in an attempt to change the conversation from informal back to formal and overlaps and repeats by stuttering nervously ‘this is, this is, this is” and “persona, persona”

Connor maintains an informal note as evidenced in his use of contractions and informal words e.g. “shit”, I’ll”, “mate”, and “don’t”. and use of a false start “don’t start, alright don’t start at all” because he’s clearly upset.

Starkey then remarks ‘problem there are wi wi with Jamie’s food they’ll be, lots of dieting opportunities now’. It seems Starkey repeats words when upset. Again here, he’s used “wi wi” and a contraction – “they’ll” indicates an informal tone.

The conversation is still informal because Connor uses ’you’re” IT’S, and addresses Starkey as ’mate’ AND A HEDGE “d’ya” . He also sarcastic by using polite words “May I ask’ and immediately follows it by asking if Starkey
has always been 4 feet tall.

Starkey maintains a sarcastic note by replying ‘from the age of thirteen.

This transcript started off on a formal note but turned out to be mainly informal. Connor’s final response :Okay” brings the conversation back to a forma note