ifluence of racismn

P3 Similarly, the poem Feliks Skrzynecki illustrates feelings of not belonging as a result of disconnections to surround environments, societies, relationship and the growing detachment between them . Technique |Example |Link Back | |The opening |“My Gentle Father” |instantly conveys a sense of ownership and pride and an overall positive relationship. | |This is further highlighted in |“I remember the words he taught me “ |as a memory of appreciation for his father. Although this positive side of their relationship is illustrated , barriers are apparent due to their intergenerational detachment . |The use of exclusive pronouns such as |“they reminisced” |highlights the inability for the persona to relate to or access his fathers world. | |Skrzynecki symbolises his garden through the simile |“loved his garden like an only child “ |for the responder , this adds to the notion of displacement , as skrzynecki is growing further and further away from his father and his roots in poland and closer to environments as opposed to people . | | Therefore through belonging to environments , Skrzynecki is disconnected from society .

Technique |Example |Link Back | |Yakin used a close up to highlight what the coach is wanting his team to reach . Coach Boone states.. |“This is no democracy ,this is a dictatorship , i am the law “ |here the responder identifies the close up to emphasise Coach Boones’s emotions as he pushed for belonging through equality. | |Yakin employs music to add to the ifluence of racismn. |The sound of Military drums beating at the start of the film |shows when conflict is going to occur . | |the director provides voice over narration to provide detail.

Sheryl states |“In Virginia , high school football was a way of life , there was no race mixing , until the school was inter-grated , calling it T. C Williams high school “ |this helps by informing the audience what is happening in 1971. | |applies juxtaposition to contrasts the positioning which is |visible within the warmth of the Boones and the ugliness of the neighbours comments . |highlights how wide spread racism became . | | it is therefore understood that Yakin’s Remember the Titans is evident in showing the contribution of belonging and not belonging through the focus of society and reality.

P4 Not only does one see a focus on society and reality within Remember the titans , but the importance of Family as a function for belonging and not belonging . Technique |Example |Link Back | |provides a long screen shot to emphasise the connection of belonging. Gerry and Julius states.. |“Left side , strong side “ |This depicts the relationship these two men have formed. | |used a wide -long shot in order to highlight setting. Gerry states to the nurse |“Alice can’t you see the family resemblance , he’s my brother “ |therefore the audience shows the influence that Gerry see’s Julius as someone he can trust and belong to .