Influence of Advertisement on Brand Preference

Vithya Vivekananthan, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Eastern University, Vantharumoolai, Sri Lanka vcvithya@gmail. com ABSTRACT Measuring the influence of Advertisement in Consumer Brand Preference is very essential for every marketer. If advertisement does not create any positive change in consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain.

Most of the marketers use Advertisement as a tool to attract substantially new customers and to retain the existing customers. This research studies about the “Influence of Advertisement in Consumer Brand Preference in the Soft Drink Market”, which is one of the most competitive markets in Batticaloa. Every Brand in this market use Advertisement as a major weapon to overcome the fierce Competition. There are numerous Advertisements of different Soft drink brands exposed in Television. But, the main thing here is, the marketer want to identify that, do all these advertisements positively influencing the consumers’ brand preference.

In order to study the influence of Advertisement in Consumer Brand Preference, three main variables are considered with appropriate dimensions. They are; Information, Communication and Comprehension. The structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from 200 respondents. The study found that all three variables indicate high influence of Advertisement in consumer brand preference. Even though it has high influence in overall view, the advertiser wants to consider the indicators, which have low and moderate influence in their future developments of the Advertisements to maintain its position in the market in the long-run.

Eventually, this study recommends some actions for improving the influence of Advertisement in consumer brand preference. – 2 – Introduction The importance of sales on business survival and the connection between customers and sales, it is expedient for organizations to engage in programmes that can influence consumers’ decision to purchase its products. This is where advertising and brand management are relevant. Advertising is a subset of promotion mix which is one of the Four ’P’s in the marketing mix i. e. product, price, place and promotion.

As a promotional strategy, advertising serve as a major tool in creating product awareness and condition the mind of a potential consumer to take eventual purchase decision. Marketers’ survival depends on consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction depends on their perception and brand preference of the particular brand. In brand preference, advertising plays a major role. Nearly everyone in the modern world influence to some degree by advertising. Organizations in both public and private sectors have learned that the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with their target audiences is important to their success.

In today’s world, there are a myriad of media outlets-print, radio, and television are competing for consumers’ attention. There are number of creative and attractive advertisements we can see and hear in television, Radio, newspapers and in magazines. Within these media, television advertisements are more attractive and interestingly watched by mass audience. It has often been said that television is the ideal advertising medium where the consumer spends the most “attentive” time. However, the main thing here is, the marketer want to identify the influence of advertising in consumers brand preference.

Nowadays soft drinks have become essential part in lifestyle of the people in the society. There are number of soft drink brands are available in the market. In those brands, some brands are very famous not only in Sri Lanka but also globally. For the research purpose Coca-cola, Fanta, Elephant, and Ole are selected. These are the most preferred brand of the consumers in Sri Lanka. For these brands, different advertisements are available in Television. Some brands’ advertisements are more attractive than others are and some are new creative advertisements. There is no any television advertisement regarding Pepsi during the research period.

Therefore, Pepsi was not take into consideration. – 3 – It is very hard to find people who never consume any brand of soft drink. Everyone in the society prefers a particular brand. We can see frequent advertisements for Soft drinks in Television. Companies spend much on their advertisements to attract more customers. So it is very important to study its’ influence in consumer brand preference. Problem statement There are numerous advertisements in Medias; television, radio, newspapers and magazines but, the important question for a marketer is “do all these advertisements positively influence the consumers’ brand preference? If advertisement is not create any positive change in consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain.