International Business

Translation is an activity comprising the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language — the source text— and the production, in another language, of a new, equivalent text — the target text, or translation (Axistranslations). Normally, translation is done by human. As technology become higher and higher, some simple translation can be done by machine and computer nowadays. Translation is aim to transfer exactly the same meaning between source language and target language. Of course, translating has to abide by the rule of target language, such as grammar and formats of writing.

International business International business conducts business transactions all over the world. These transactions include the exchange of goods, services, technology, and capital among individuals and businesses in multiple countries (Akrani, 2011). International business can also be a specific entity, such as multinational corporation or international business company that engages in business among multiple countries (international business). Translation in international business Translation is inevitable especially for companies that operate in multiple countries.

It is necessary to translate when the parent company passes information or collect from all the employees of subsidiaries across the world. Proper translation of proposals and demands are needed when companies have to negotiate terms with international governments or other local companies. Marketing Because of the globalisation and intergration of the world economy, translation has become more and more important. There are different languages in different countries. When doing business within countries that use different languages, translation is crucially needed.

Translation plays an important role in marketing. It will be not only embarrassing but potentially very costly to the company if wrong translations are used at international marketing as part of its marketing communication campaign. There are some examples of translation bloopers such as the sign at a Scandinavian airport “We take your bags and send them in all directions” or the one in a Swiss restaurant “Our wines leave you nothing to hope for” or the note in a doctor’s office in Rome “Specialist in women and other diseases” (ocean Translation).

These kinds of translations make people feel strange, and just like one example as above “our wines leave you nothing to hope for” people will not go to that restaurant and order wine, because the ads said their wine leave people nothing to hope for. Business meeting For making international business a success, it is inevitable to obtain a relationship with the companies overseas.

Relating to another company that is able to make you marketable in a foreign country, you will not only receive help from your partner to open your marketplace, but will also make “friends” with companies in that country, which you can get into the country easier and make profits together in the future. However, for making this requisite relationship, companies will need to be dependent on business meetings in order to deeply talk over the aims of the ambitious company, and also make mutual consent in specific terms and requirements.

When they are faced with language barriers however, this can be near to an impossible task. (Axistranslations) International businesses often look for translation services attempt to provide their customers better service and keep pace with their demands. As this world gets more and more competitory, it’s necessary that international businesses deliver their messages expressly and precisely to their customers. Translation mistakes can potentially affect a company’s reputation and result in financial loss (streetdirectory. com). Translators and interpreters

Translators and interpreters play an important role in international business. They enhance communication by transferring information accurately from one language to another in different countries around the world. Their jobs are in different forms, translators deal with written communication, interpreters deal with verbal communication. There are different kinds of translators and interpreters, actually they are specific in different zones. Translators are needed when translate documents like financial statements, all kinds of reports and proposals into target language.

Interpreters usually show in conferences. As is mentioned above, business meeting whose participants come from different countries and speak different languages will need interpreters to translate for them during the meeting. Finding the right translation service As translation is so important in communication when doing business, and translators and interpreters are needed urgently, choosing the right translation service becomes significant. Good language translation services need to above all be accurate.

This requires the translator to be not only proficient in source language but excel in target language. And if you want to find the most suitable language translation services for your company, you should try to find one whose translators are comfortable with the ins and outs of this type of industry. For example, assume that your company deals in the financial industry, you will want to find translators that have been especially educated to know financial-related terms and lingo in that particular country, along with the typical issue.

Or else you may lose important time when the translator verifies spelling, pronunciation, and other crucial information. Or even worse, you’ll face the risk of getting abjective messages from your assistant. Conclusion With the globalization of business, market become larger, companies have more opportunities to make more profits. In order to success all over the world, translation is needed in marketing and business meetings. Companies should find the right translation service to make accurate communication and avoid ranslation mistakes. References AkraniGaurav. (09/2011). what is internation business? meaning,features and article. date: 04/2013,source: kalyan-city. blogspot. com. Axistranslations. date: o4/2013,source: www. axistranslations. com. international business. date: 04/2013,source: BusinessDictionnary. com. oceanTranslation. date:04/2013,source:www. ocean-translation. co. nz/the-significance-of-Translation-in-International-Business-Communications. streetdirectory. com. date:04/2013,source: www. streetdirectory. com.