internet as a necessity

Implementing IPv6 Reaction: This article is all about the implementation IPv6 versus IPv4. Using the internet is really a necessity in almost all of the organizations/companies, proving that technology has wide suggestions to invention and productivity. Using IPv6 will provide for much longer addresses and the possibility of many more Internet users. Implementation of IPv6 will allows us to explore new business growth models, and offer more people and communities fair access to information that will lead to technological and economic progress.

This version will give us solutions on various problems as internet connection is concerned. Among this problems are address reduction, security, autocofiguration and extensibility, which are said to be problems encountered in IPv4 . According to the article Mobile IP provides more scalable deployment options with IPv6, meaning that using IPv6 communication is more possible using our mobile phones.

I think it is necessary for broadcasting companies to adopt this version because it will actually speed up their internal and external communications and besides it also reduce operational cost and for them to relay clear and comprehensive videos especially during live news coverage to the audience. However, disadvantages of technology transition are always a part of a cycle. In order for us to get rid of these disadvantages, planning is the most important step.