Iranian Hostage Crisis

We chose our topic because we found it very interesting, how the CIA decided to rescue the six hostages, by making a fake movie and going into Iran, saying that they were scouting for locations for a movie when they actually went to the Canadian embassy where six people were hiding. Tony Mendez thought of this magnificent idea. The CIA gave the six roles to be in the fake movie, for example Director, Photographer, Costume Designer, Location Scouter etc.

Eventually they got them to the airport to take the six hostages home with the iranian people fooled that they were people scouting for a perfect place to record their science fiction movie. The CIA person/ Tony Mendez along with the six hostages made it back to the U. S. safely.  How we conducted our research. The way we conducted our research is that to begin with we, read the book, and watched the movie, Argo which gave us a good idea or point of view on what happened during the crisis.

Then we began finding primary and secondary sources and started conducting more research. Then we wrote letters to president carter and Tony Mendez, we are currently still waiting for a response. Then we began our script by which we already started working on our bibliography and process paper. We are currently searching for photos and continuing on the script for the documentary, we are also creating annotations for our bibliography on easybib. com.How we selected our presentation category and how we created our project.

The reason we chose to pick our category is because we thought it suited our topic better than any other category. We thought this because this way we are able to explain what happened while the person watching the documentary can see photos about the topic, which may help them understand better because some people tend to learn easier visually than just reading or hearing someone explain a topic. The way we created our project is on a site called pixorial.  How our project relates to the NHD theme.

Our project relates to the NHD theme because it is the responsibility of the CIA and the U. S. to try their hardest to get all the hostages out of Iran safe and sound. Our topic also follows the NHD theme of rights too. It is a part of the theme rights because with the Shah running Iran, Iranians felt like they didn’t have any rights, also the Shah didn’t treat them with respect. The Iranians were mad at the U. S. for not giving the Shah back to them so they could kill him. At that time the Shah was in the United States due to the cancer he was attempting to fight off.