Karl Marx on Capitalism

Fight Club is a movie about Jack who is an insomniac man, he work as a car manufacturer. He owns everything he wanted to from his condo to the furniture’s he have. Due to his insomniac he keeps on going to various groups also with the people with serious illness in order to get the human contact he wants. He has no friends at all, no relationship and no love ones.

He thinks that joining clubs and other groups is the only thing to help him sleep. Until he meet a girl named Marla who he tends to have sex desire. The life of Jack change when he meets Tyler the soap maker who is played by Brad Pitt. After Tyler’s apartment blown into pieces mysteriously Jack lives with Tyler in an abandoned place. They tend try to fight that made them create a secret organization known as fight Club.

At the ending of the story we see the twist of the story wherein Tyler is actually manifestation of “Jack” subconscious and repressed desires. This movie gives as the glimpse of identifying the Marx, Darwin, Freud and Nietzsche themes. According to Karl Marx Capitalism is the conflict between the labouring class which Jack belongs and the social class because economic displace everything else in capitalist society. Like what Jack been experiencing he is being scolded by his superior anytime, anywhere.

Based on Marxist themes I identify on the movie the themes Alienation, on which it shows the Alienation in labour on which Jack actually didn’t like his job and at the same time with his job because he is always been scolded by his superior, but still has no option rather than to continue working because of having no means of production of his own; that he have to sell his labour power in order to buy the furniture’s he wanted to and in order to survive. His means of survival is to continue working to provide his needs and wants.

It’s just the value of human is equated on the amount of money he has and the social status he belongs. According to Darwin the environment affects the behavior of an individual. On the movie it shows the brutality on which there’s violence happen in the fight club by fighting each individual not for survival purposes. It shows in the movie that it’s the nature of individual to create brutality and violence. Second theme is there is degrading free will in the side of Jack on which he is slave of Tyler’s characters and personality.

It’s just means that characters don’t really have their own free will that force them into degrading behavior. Third individual with advantageous trait has the better chance of surviving like Tyler he can survive rather than Jack because his strength. There are too many themes in terms of Freudian Perspective but I preferred to use the Ego Defense Mechanism. Fantasy is one of the major theme I’ve identify in the movie which is the narrator Jack tends to imagine that there is such character as Tyler who is brave, good-looking and perfect.

He imagine about himself as Tyler which is real opposite of him. But the reality is it’s just between his imaginations that he wanted to be someone else who has greater personality than him. He idealizes of someone who is master than him. Second theme is Denial the narrator denies of his real personality that his weak he idealize other personality as him which is real strong. He deny of the real fact that he’s weak and tends to pursue of having a personality consider as perfect.

The twist of the movie is part of the Freudian Themes wherein Tyler is actually manifestation of “Jack” subconscious and repressed desires. One of Nietzsche theme is the creation of a higher “I” is shown in the movie Fight Club it is shown by Jack, he struggle to idealize personal development and perfection through Tyler’s personality. He creates a character opposite to him which is so brave and real perfect. He embraces the danger towards the creation of passionate and exciting life by re-evaluating old ideals or creating new ones.

Second theme is the emphasis of strength, Independence and power toward the master mortality. The Master Mortality is shown in the character of Tyler which is strong, powerful, good-looking and above all. The character shows the other side of Jack which shows the character how strong he is and how he fights because of honor not with pleasure. The character of Tyler shows his personality that the more conflicts he encounter, the more strength and success he are. Fight Club is one of the best movie which you can identify different themes of Marx, Darwin, Freud and Nietzsche.