Legal Environment of Business

Legal Environment of Business

Final Exam

Fall, 2018

Answer 1 and 2 with a well-developed essay, answer the remaining with a SHORT answer.

1. Two truck drivers for a moving company, while loading a desk, found $1000 that had fallen out of the desk. They knew who the owner was but instead of returning it they decided to keep the money and split it evenly. An hour later driver #1 decided they did not want to go ahead with the plan and instead wanted to return the money, whereupon driver #2 pulled a knife out and demanded that driver #1 handover the money to him. The bills were all counterfeit. What torts have been committed?

2 Al has been the victim of a horrendous crime. This incident is of great interest to the public. Bob, a reporter for the National Enquirer calls and asks Al for an interview. Al declines and states that he will not speak to the reporter and will not allow his picture to be taken or for it to be used by the paper. Bob, while standing on the sidewalk across the street from Al’s, uses a high power camera to take photos of Al while he is resting inside his home. The photos are subsequently published in the paper along with an article about the incident. Al is distraught. He comes to you for legal advice.

3. Al writes a song in his head and spontaneously performs it live. Bob hears it and loves it. He records Al’s performance on his cellphone, then records his own performance of it. Bob’s recording sells 1,000,000 copies. What are Al’s rights?

4. Using the same facts as in problem #1 analyze any and all criminal liability using Rhode Island criminal statutes only.