Living Conditions of Chittagong University

The Impact of residential life influences personal, academic, emotional and spiritual growth, development and adjustment of a student. Much research has documented how residential environment affects the development of students. Brilliantes, Aga and others have shown in their study ‘ The Living Conditions of university Students In Boarding Houses and Dormitories In Davao City, Philippines’ that the facllltles and the environment of student’s dormitories significantly Influence their well-being holistically. (Brilliantes ; Aga: 2012).

Maya Brennan claimed In one of her research hat affordable (reasonable) housing developments may function as a platform for educational Improvement by provldlng a forum (Opportunity) for residential-based after school program. (Brennan: 20111. Shaikh and Deschamps elicited that Student living in university residences experience frail (Weak/ in poor health) living conditions, being away from their homes and families, the stress (Pressure) of studies, a bizarre (Irregular) routine, and absence of readily (Willingly) available guidance.

This condition derictly related with overall well-being of the students of a University. (Shaik ; Deschamps: 2006). Significant number of works on this topic previously done worldwide beside above mentioned studies. In particular, according to Barger ; Lynch, ‘A series of studies undertaken at the university of Florida in Gainesville by Alsobrook (1962), Carter (1966), Clark (1 963), Decoster (1970), Lynch (1970).

MacDonald (1968), Musselman (1967), Ridge (1968) and Stormer (1971) highlighted the impact of the mix of student characteristics and the effectiveness of leadership on the quality of life that develops in the residence hall. ‘ (Barger ; Lynch: 1973) But in Bangladesh, study regarding living condition of university students and how esidential environment affect students well-being is beyond our mind’s eye, because of the unavailability of such kinds of work. A study has been conducted on ‘Quality of Education and Campus Violence’ under FREPD (Foundation for Research on Educational Planning and Development.

The team of this research explored how campus violence affects quality of education of a student. (Ahmed: 2000). So, we find lack of priority in research on quality study of university environment especially how students lead their lives In university arena. In this point of view and with the onsideration of above discussion, It Is more contextual to study on the llvlng condition of university students and their hollstlc welfare depends on residential environment.