Lizard People

Independence Day in Los Angeles. Its approximate location was at what is now the Hollywood Freeway near the intersection of North Hill Street and West Cesar Chavez Avenue, downtown. The hill was located one block north of Temple Street and a short distance south of present day Cesar Chavez Avenue, between the Los Angeles Civic Center and Chinatown. A small portion of the hill was not bulldozed and remains on the west side of Hill Street on the north side of the freeway. Part of Fort Moore Hill became home to a cemetery, with the first documented burial tracing back to

December 19, 1853. Alternately known as Los Angeles City Cemetery, Protestant Cemetery, Fort Moore Hill Cemetery, Fort Hill Cemetery, or simply “the cemetery on the hill”, it was the city’s first non-Catholic cemetery. In 1891, the site became home to the second location of Los Angeles High School (LAHS), located on North Hill Street between Sand Street (later California Street, now part of 101 Freeway) and Bellevue Avenue (later Sunset Boulevard, now Cesar Chavez Avenue). LAHS was at this location on Fort Moore Hill until 1917, when the high school was moved again.

Most of Fort Moore Hill was removed in 1949 for the construction of the Hollywood Freeway, which was opened in December 1950, and in 1957 a memorial for the old fort and its American pioneers was placed on a site north of the freeway. The fort is now memorialized by the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial. According to a G. Warren Shufelt, a geophysicist mining engineer deep beneath the heart of Los Angeles’ financial district (Fort Moore Hill) hundreds of feet below corporate offices, and government offices lies another city.

Beneath Los Angeles’ Downtown area stands a lost city of catacombs filled with treasure and records. A Hopi chief named Little Green told Warren Shufult that the vanished race’s capital was located in modern day Downtown Los Angeles. This city derived from an Indian legend that an underground world was built by a strange race that vanished 5000 years ago. This race is commonly referred to as the Lizard People or Lizard men. Warren Shufult first heard of the Lizard people in the city of a Hopi Indian legend. Legend is that they were a race who had been nearly wiped out by a meteor shower around 3000 BC.

The lizard people then constructed 13 subterranean settlements along the Pacific Coast. This was done to shelter themselves against future detriments. Each subterranean settlement is what we call in modern times a city, in which was divided to house a thousand families each. They also stockpiled essentials of life to maintain. So greatly advanced scientifically the Lizard people developed a chemical solution that melted solid bedrock to bore out the tunnels and rooms of their subsurface shelters. This was done without removing any earth and rock.

They also developed a cement tar stronger than any in use in modern times which they lined their tunnels and rooms. These tunnels were also constructed to hold a profusion of gold tablets that chronicled the history of their existence, the origin of mankind, and the story of the world back to creation. The Lizard people according to Little Chief Greenleaf of the medicine lodge of the Hopi Indians in Arizona, were of a much higher type of intellectually than modern human beings. The intellectual accomplishments of their 9 year old children were equal of those of present day college graduates.

According to the reporter Jean Bosquet of the Los Angeles Times in 1934, Warren Shufelt began o drive a shaft 250 feet into the ground on North Hill Street, overlooking Sunset Boulevard, Spring Street and North Broadway. Warren Shufelt engineered a radio x- ray for detecting the presence of minerals and tunnels below the surface of the ground. This was an apparatus with which he says that he has traced a pattern of catacombs and vaults forming a lost city. The radio device consisted of a cylindrical glass case with a plummet attached to a copper wire.