Local Restaurants: ‘’Banderas’’ Vs. ‘’La Gorda’’

Local Restaurants: ‘’Banderas’’ Vs. ‘’La Gorda’’ Eating is considered as the third pleasure in the world, which it carries many demands and expectations. The society seeks mostly restaurants abundant with delectable taste and economical prices. ‘’Banderas’’ and ‘’La Gorda’’ is where people compare and contrast to know which the best is. Even though both are Mexican restaurants, they have different contrast. “La Gorda” is considered best by their incomparable flavor in each saucer on the menu and prices appropriate which makes it considerable for any person. In my opinion, I believe in this.

First, ‘’Banderas’’ is a local business in a little town called Clint. Its goal is to prepare Mexican entrees such as many in the city, “La Gorda” shares the same goal. ‘’Banderas’’ menu contains ‘’burritos’’, ‘’huevos Rancheros’’, ‘’tortas’’ and hamburgers mostly recognized. Society itself wants more variety in food, especially in United States when people want to eat something new and different every day like “McDonalds”, “Taco Bell” or any other commercial fast food restaurant. For example, people can cook ‘’Bandera’s’’ menu at the comfort of their homes, in some cases it’s found cheaper and saves the customer service (tip).

These examples show that ‘’Banderas’’ has a lack of variety in food who result in a not-very-attractive place to go and eat. Second, ‘’La Gorda’’ is a local business too, located in the city of El Paso, a fairly large city compared to ‘’Bandera’s” location in Clint. ‘’La Gorda’s’’ menu contains a large variety of food and fresh waters such as, the famous and delicious ‘’comidas Corridas’’ which is a small ‘’caldo de res’’ and a small portion of any traditional Mexican entrees, ‘’tortas’’,‘’burritos’’ and hamurgers according to costumer taste, ‘’enchiladas’’, ‘’flautas’’ among a list without end.

The flavor of all the food is great in general. Their special touch is “food like mom makes it”, homemade and with dedication. Customers’ demands are served. These points of view demonstrates that ‘’La Gorda’’ is a restaurant with variety of food and excellent taste which increase recommendations to go eat and savor every bite. Previously, ‘’ Banderas’’ food prices are good but not the appropriate ones. Customers and people in general prefer a place where the price is equivalent to the food that will be asked, ‘’Banderas’’ with their lack of exquisiteness and dedication in their entrees leaves a bad opinion about the place.

For example, a burrito has the price of $2. 50 dollars, a hamburger $5. 40 dollars without including French fries and tax, incredibly expensive for some people! As a result people look for other restaurants more cheap or fast food. Under those circumstances ‘’Banderas’’ is not featuring with the two main bases to be more preferred than ‘’ La Gorda’’. ‘’ La Gorda’’ food prices are appropriate ones, appropriate for what the customer is actually eating and not for what the restaurant puts you in the menu and is not. The restaurant with their completeness and prices leaves a good opinion about the place.

For example, a burrito has the cost of $1. 00 dollar, plus a fresh water came a total of $2. 99, if we analyze almost the fresh water is free for $. 49 cents more than ‘’Banderas’’ restaurant. Another example could be their ‘’Comidas Corridas’’ for only $5. 99 with ice tea included. These examples show that people can get delicious food for cheaper prices in ‘’La Gorda’’ or a little bit more expensive than fast food without flavor, but at the end with a good taste and fullness in the wallet. Even though both restaurants have the similarity to cook Mexican food we can observe their differences in certain points of view.

For example, the food in ‘’Banderas’’ restaurant, which demonstrates their lack in seasoning and cook. Secondly, the prices which show that is more attractive go to ‘’La Gorda’’ than ‘’Banderas’’ when people want to eat Mexican food with excellent and cheap awareness. The differences between ‘’La Gorda’’ and ‘’Banderas’’ are notorious. Definitely I went to eat ‘’La Gorda’’ instead of ‘’Banderas’’ because it is a good restaurant from their magnificent food, economic prices, good atmosphere and location stability.