loss of tax revenue from illness

For someone like me who has no health insurance it is very hard to keep up with my healthcare, but with the new health care laws that are coming about it may be a little easier for people to stay healthy. Thesis: Healthcare is a very important part of life, it keeps people healthy, but is also non-affordable if you do not have any health insurance. A. Why is healthcare important?

Longer more productive living for one To ensure a healthy body, a healthy workplace, a healthy community, and a healthy nation Community is protected from contagious disease and the loss of tax revenue from illness Our national security is threatened when our nation suffers from a lack of good health B. What has been done to improve the cost of healthcare? The Affordable Care Act (been the “the law of the land” for almost three years. Employer based coverage Companies with more than fifty employees are required to offer health insurance or pay a fine With obamacare, policies will still be regulated by the states, but the policies are required to provide minimal essential benefits, such as mental health and maternity coverage Insurance is “guaranteed issue”, meaning you cannot be turned down no matter what illness you have in your past. C. The price of healthcare.

Price is determined by only four criteria Age, premium rating area, number of family members getting coverage, and tobacco use. Starting October 13,2013 you will have the ability to shop for these new individual policies on a health coverage exchange. Conclusion: As I have pointed out it takes a lot to have and keep health coverage in today’s world, but also as you can see there are some things that are coming about to make it a little easier.

The new healthcare laws are just the first step in improving are healthcare system. Even though the system still has a very long road ahead of them at least it is being recognized in some way shape or form. References WWW. answers. yahoo. com/questions/index? WWW. forbes. com/sites/carolynmcclanahan/2013/03/03/obamacare-is-around-the-corner-where-will-you-buy-health-insurance-and-what-will-it-cost.