Being a licensed nurse is a long journey that requires you to take a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Course. The LPN coursework is involving and time-consuming. Also, to get the best grades on the course, you need to research extensively and keep at par with your instructor’s notes.

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The LPN course will give you an upper hand in administering medication, dressing wounds, performing diagnostic tests, taking crucial signs on a patient, and giving injections as directed by the physician. As a qualified nurse, you will be working under the supervision of a doctor. You are likely to be employed in the public health departments, private homes, mental health institutions, and nursing homes.

To register for an accredited LPN course, you must pass your GED or high school diploma. It will only take you a year to complete the LPN course from a chartered institution. The course equips you with the right theoretical and practical skills to help you provide quality healthcare. It covers disciplines such as child growth development, chemistry, biology, anatomy, psychology, first aid, and many others.

You can advance your studies to become a registered nurse. However, you will have to take another year in a community college to be a qualified and registered nurse. Being a registered nurse, you must hold an associate’s degree from a recognized institution. Note that if you pass an LPN Course, some institutions can exempt you of some units when you register for RN course. You cannot afford to put so much effort and fail your assignments.

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