Malaysia as a Muslim country and Islam its restriction to pork

Kuma Maka Msenge wewe Unafirwa wewe Kuma wewe Your mum’s pussy Your gay Sexual intercourse of gay Your pussy What kinds of swear words do you use in your own language? Korean – English Sexual intercourse Reproductive Organs Idiotic Animalize Malay Babi – Pig One of the rudest word in Malaysia Malaysia is a Muslim country and Islam is restricted to pork. The religion has food restrictions according to their own dietary laws, which is “Halaal” Swahili Msenge Wewe – Gay One of the rudest word in Tanzania Homosexuality is not forgived in Tanzania. It’s new to their culture. It is also defined as man is using you.

Have you ever spotted some differences between the swear language women and men use? Men tend to use the rudest one. Men use swear words more than women do. -? To establish a masculine identity or to express group solidarity. Men tend to use more swear words related to sexual intercourse and reproductive organs than women do. Men (1) You’re a pussy, dick, jerk, cunt (2) What/Why/How/When the fuck Women (1) You’re a bitch, ass, shit (2) What/Why/How/When the hell Men (1) Unafirwa (2) Pumbaru (silly) Women (1) Malaya wewe (your bitch) (2) Mshenzi (nasty attitude and behavior)

Men often use swear words to show or express friendliness ; Women don’t. Hey what the fuck?! How the fuck did you get here? Come and have a bite you dickhead. Why do language learners often find it easy to remember swear words in English? The brain treats swear words differently than other words. From a scientific research, swearing is a motor activity with a strong emotional content. This is one reason that most people remember swear words four times better than they do other words. Swear words trigger emotion. Effects from Mass media Books Society Trend Slang Thank You