Management Consultancy

Ingram found out about this relationship when Scott’s new client, Barber Distributing, sold to one of Ingram’s customers at a price 10 percent under normal list price to get the DIS project. Ingram places pressure on Scott to get him the best price for the bid or lose his business. 2. What would you do if you were Scott Paterson? * If I were Scott Patterson, I will tell the truth to Ingram that the one truck load of the Bond-do-Perm is not available within two months and I cannot delivered within a few weeks, and once the one truck is already available I will deliver on time.

It’s better to be honest than lied to the distributors because the truth will reveal. And after that I will make it up for him to stay to distribute the product to his company. And I will do a lot of explanation for him to understand why I signed up to Barber distribution. 3. What would you do if you were Larry Ingram? * If I were Larry Ingram, same him, I was upset because he signed up to his own competitors which is the Barber Distribution and I cannot understand until he will not explained clearly of what are the reasons why Scott do that to my company.

All I have to do is to find another strategy for me to bid the price of Barber Distribution, and I will tell Scott that I cannot promise that I can stay longer on his company because I have to make my sales up and how can I do that if my own competitor are also distributing to the Perfect Solution. 4. What are the ethical considerations, if any, in this case? * The salesman signed the Barber distribution which is the competitor of Ingram’s company, he decided himself without knowing a possibility that he can lose his one of the best distributors.