Manpower Planning

In manpower planning Analyzing the current manpower plan Reviewing utilization Finding out current demand Finding out future supply Finally developing a manpower plan The MDI campus Is lush green and has a dedicated area for various Indoor sports and leisure activities Each leisure area requires a dedicated gardener and each such garden/lawn requires manpower planning to estimate the number of gardeners required in the area. Thorough analysis we concluded that the present number of Gardeners are somewhat overstaffed.

The staffing is more appropriate during monsoon and rainy season when there is an overgrowth of grass. In other seasons the number of gardeners required is lesser. We interviewed a number of gardeners to ascertain their working habits and methodologies. The findings are documented below: 2. 3. 4. 5. Primary Job: Trimming grasses pruning bushes Secondary Jobs: Keeping the bushes and the plantation in order Soil upkeep and enrichment Cleanliness of the gardens and lawns Pesticide spraying New plantation and expansion of green area Primary analysis results: 1 .

Gardeners are normally late and they also are not in their full capacity. At any given time not all the gardeners employed are present. 2. Working hours: 40 hours a week 5 days. 3. Overtime, if required is taken cared of. 4. All the gardeners have one supervisor whom they report to. 5. Few gardeners are cross skilled and may work across domains 6. Each gardener has the same salary which is around 6500 Per month Page 4 The gardens are of three types according to their function: 1 . Sport grounds- 2 namely Golf Course and Football grounds 2.

Utility Lawns- 3 namely the Inland Greens, the lawn near CM/Odyssey and Library Greens 3. Leisure lawns- 5 namely the lawns near Lash, the lawn inside Scholar’s Building, Director’s Bungalow and the Staff Quarters and the lawns at the main gate Garden/ Lawn Number of Golf Course Football ground hours/day Reek. 26 Gardeners Reek. 4. 5 3. 5 Inland Greens 21 9 3 2 Lawns at main gate Lawns near CM/ Odyssey Lawns near Lash 14 2. 5 0. 5 Lawn inside Scholars Bungalow Lawns near Staff Quarters 8 1. 5 6 10 Cost analysis We estimated that the manpower planning be done according to the seasonal variations.

During off seasons the cross skilled gardeners can be accommodated in other works whereas during on season these same gardeners can be taken back into the gardening work. In this way MDI can optimism the utilization of each gardener even better. Page 5 Recommendations We recommend a change in the number of gardeners required as we promote cross killing of gardeners and each gardener would be then better utilized, the number we came up with was 23 gardeners. The current number of gardeners present are 24 gardeners. Thus, the final number according to us comes out to be 23 gardeners.