Marketing Channel Management

Please start each section on a new page. 3. Please write clearly and neatly. Marks will be penalized for bad writing. 4. Cross out any unwritten pages in the answer sheet. 5. Calculators are allowed to be used during the exam. Section A 5 X 2 Marks = 10 Marks This section consists of Multiple Choice questions. Please mark you answer in the answer sheet by writing only the option number after the question number.

Please write only what is asked. As a thumb rule, write a maximum of a page for each 10 marks and half a page for a 5 marks question. 1. Define Marketing Channels. Explain how and why marketing channels are managed. marks 2. What are the responsibilities of a sales executive? 5 marks 3. Illustrate the sales call process and write down all the steps involved in the sales call. 5 marks 4. Draw a typical marketing channel for a mass product and illustrate the flow with directions for the following A. Money B. Stock C. Information 10 marks Section C This section consists of numerical questions. Please illustrate all steps and try to show calculations wherever possible. Please state any assumption you are making clearly. Question: 15 marks

Please estimate the number of sales executives, and supervisors needed for the following Channel Partner for Hindustan Singleshaft which is a top FMCG company in India. The channel partner has to service 1000 outlets. The categorization is given below along with the time required to complete a sales call at each outlet and the frequency of visiting the outlets.

The time required to travel from one outlet to another is 10 minutes on an average. Each Sales Executive has a six day work week and works for 10 hours a day including an hour long lunch break. So each sales executive has 9 effective hours of work for 6 six days a week. Assume a 10% buffer sales force in your estimation. For every 4 sales executives one supervisor is required to supervise them.