Marketing Mix in Cafe Coffee Day

Create a 5 page website for showcasing your products a. Home ( Group collaboration) i. Describe your company, the products you are selling, membership form, link to other pages b. Products 1 (member 1) i. Minimum of 5 products, with an image, name, desciption, price value, “buy’ option, link to other pages c.

Products 1 (member 2) ink to other pages d. Products 1 (member 3) link to other pages e. Products 1 (member 4) link to other pages f. Products 1 (member 5) link to other pages The 2nd and 3rd page are sample layouts (home and individual pages), the code on the 4th page is an example of a form that should be in the bottom right part of the Home Page Home Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5