Marketing Mix

Coffee is not just selling products, but it is a label. It is a label and a brand that consumers believe in. Starbucks decided to be personal with their customers. Understanding the consumers thoughts became a main goal for the marketing team. The marketing team understands that people want to belong and people want to feel they are being or doing something better than the quote on quote “others”.

To relay these feelings to the customers Starbuck’s Coffee base the appeal on the environment that it provides for the customer. Starbuck’s Coffee expects customers to arrive at a given store, relax at a table, talk, read, listen to music, study and drink coffee. Starbucks also prides it’s self on diversity. Jim Donald, President and CEO of the Starbucks Corporation states, “When we embrace diversity, we succeed” (www. starbucks. com). Creating The Environment To create this type of environment Starbuck’s Coffee marketing team has placed conversation topics on the sides of each cup to spice up any meeting that one may have.

Starbuck’s Coffee also allows all customers to have access to the internet which always can prolong a stay. Starbuck’s Coffee guarantee’s the average customer that is visiting a store; quick service with the surety to leave with the strong smell of a coffee house. They are so committed to having their stores feel and smell like a coffee house that they even prohibit their employees from wearing perfume and cologne because it takes away the aroma of the coffee. In addition, Starbuck’s Coffee makes sure that they are environmentally friendly so that it also adds to their image that they are promoting. Kembell, 2002). PLACE Typically their stores are in high traffic locations where people will just encounter the store without having to search. Starbucks is placed in high-visibility locations. These locations are geared with the average building size of 1,500 square feet. This includes office building, shopping malls, grocery stores, and retail centers. These are the type of area’s people love to be in and Starbucks location is an added topping for both retailers and customer’s alike.

Starbucks has built relationships and formed agreements with several companies who they see have additional avenues to meeting customers. These companies include but are not limited to Kraft Foods Inc, PepsiCo Inc, and Dreyers Grand Ice Cream. These agreements were made to reach more Starbuck’s Coffee consumers where ever they are. Distribution Starbucks does not limit the company to a physical location. Starbucks distributes there products via mail orders and online web-sites. Both of these avenues are used for the convenience of its customers.

Again independent of the customers, anywhere any place when needed Starbucks is ready and available. Promotion Starbuck uses non-traditional forms of advertising. They use local print ads and imagery in movies to advertise. It is all about the label. It is the women on the cup says more than words. You see the label, and you sense the coffee. Price The products/label of Starbucks Coffee has been marketed so well that price is not a matter. People who come to Starbuck’s Coffee are buying the experience. The experience in many ways is priceless.

The effects The marketing strategy for products that the marketing team used was branding the full experience. With the use of custom coffee beans, CD’s, coffee cups, signature chocolate, and an out of this world eco-friendly lay out; Starbucks has maintained a brand consumers believe in. The marketing strategy for place that the marketing team used was connecting with other companies to partner up and build relationships and formed agreements with several companies who they see have additional avenues to meeting customers.