marketing sales associates

My First week in bank of Makati makes me so tired but still I am grateful because we got the opportunity to have an on-the-job-training with a prestigious kind of bank. I was assigned near the teller’s area. In my first tasked Ma’am Noreen the branch operations head, assigned me to encode the account name and account number of clients exclusive only for the past two years. I was also assigned to stamp the liquidated receipt paid by the bank as their expenses and etc. I also had a time to socialize with some employee. In the following days, my tasked are still the same.

I continued to encode the remaining sets of accounts then I stamp customer information forms. I was also assigned by Ma’am Dianne the marketing sales associate to paste the invitation cards and cut designs for the candle holder which will be used for the opening of the new building that the bank of Makati will be moved. Those invitation cards will be given to their selected clients. I was also assigned to arrange receipts according to its serial number. An hour before the duty end the manager treat us a snack for us to relieve our stress.

In the second week of our on the job training, during its first day we already moved to the new and better building of Bank of Makati which is located at Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland Matina Davao City. We have a little celebration together with the manager, employees, visitors and other officers from the main office. When we went back to our work, one of the employee who is assigned in loan operation department told me together with my co-trainees to count the documents by hundred. As I get back to the department where I truly assign, Ma’am Noreen instructed me to arrange the files sealed in the long enveloped and cleaned it.

The next day I encode another set of account name and number of clients. After that I was task to arrange again the files sealed in the enveloped the same routine that I made the other day since the branch operation head told the utility man to transfer the drawer’s placed then I take off the envelop and I arrange it back to its original placed. I was also tasked to stamp letters which will be given to the clients and then I make sorting for the serial number of sealed enveloped, it seems that it is confidential I cannot saw what’s inside of it.

I also helped my co-trainee to cut the slips in check accounts that will be used by the teller. In the following days, I was tasked to cut small pieces of labeled papers which has a content of bank’s name and its new address, it will be used as label to those envelop that will be delivered to the clients. After that I paste those pieces of papers that I cut and I inserted the letters inside of it and then I sealed. I also cut another pieces of papers which has the content for requirements purposes and I arrange it to the small box.

At afternoon, I was tasked to put check marks in the customer information forms, specimen signature cards, payroll debit authorization & etc. so that it would be easy for the clients to know the things that they only needed to fill up. I also arrange bundles of transmittal form according to its places. It was quit tiring and confusing because after separating the transmittal form according to its places, we’re going to arrange it also by dates in descending order. In my third week, during its first day I continued sorting the transmittal forms which I started last week.

I was also instructed to cut pieces of labeled papers that will be used by the teller in wrapping cash such as 500 and 1,000 bills, and then I continue doing it after lunch. I was also tasked by one of the employee assigned in loan operation department to look the certificate of registration of selected clients. After that I was assigned by Ma’am Dianne to fold letters for the clients and sealed it to envelop. The next task was looking for those selected names in a two bundles of sheets. I was also instructed by Ma’am Noreen to her by e-mail the things that I encoded last week.

For the following days I was tasked to crash out the wrong information regarding the terms and conditions in time deposit/special savings account in the customer information forms, I think that were about hundred of forms. I was also assigned to stamp bundles of envelop and then I also answered telephone calls and I make sketch lines in log book for clients information purposes. In the next day my tasked are still the same as yesterday which is the crashed out thing in the customer information form but the difference was this time I crashed out the already filled up forms by the clients while yesterday it was the unfilled up ones.

The next tasked that was assigned to me was to fold letters and sealed it to an enveloped. After that I continued my tasked which is the crashed out thing again and that was my assigned work for the whole afternoon and a whole day in the next day. In the last of my duty for this week, Ma’am Dianne let me joined with their official business travel or what they called OBT. We went to nearby places in Davao City in which our target market was the regular employees, encouraging them to avail the newly created loan system of the bank of Makati.

It was quit tiring but enjoy because I get the chance to observe them the actual way on how to market a loan. For this week, my first tasked was to sort and alphabetized the signature cards, that was my assigned work for the whole day. On the second day, I helped my co-trainees in their assigned department to sort and arranged bundles of files. Then the next day I was tasked to check and arranged the documents in customer information form and after that I go back with my co-trainees and helped them to continued their assigned work since the other day.

At afternoon, one of the employees in loan operation department asked me to get inside the vault and look for the registration card of those listed names that she gave to me. Since I was absent last Friday I have to comply it in Saturday and in that day I was tasked to stamp, sort and arranged the signature cards, arranged other files, sorting and arranging receipts. In this week my tasked was to arranged files, I inserted those customer information forms inside the enveloped in alphabetical order. I was also told to make corrections for those unwanted information in customer information forms.

In Tuesday I was asked to encode receipts and sort it after. I also cut withdrawal slips that will be used by the teller. In Wednesday, I continued to cut withdrawal slips and that was my work for the entire day. In Thursday I was assigned to cut another sets of slips, after that I was tasked to pull-out certificate of registration’s (CR’s). In the last day of the week I helped my co-trainee in their assigned department in segregating documents namely the Dacion en Pago or Deed of Sale. For this week, I was with my co-trainee in their assigned department. We arranged documents and I was also assigned to pull-out certificate of registrations.

The next day I together with my co-trainee was instructed to look for the document of a specific customer. In Thursday, after one & a half day of looking for the document in almost a hundred of bundled sheets at last we found it. The next thing we did was to insert those sealed envelops to its original placed. In the last day of ojt for this week I was assigned in the vault’s area, I arranged and sort files. I was also assigned in loan operation department; I was tasked there to look for the documents listed in a 3 sheets of bond paper. Mission Statement We value our role in economic development

We exist to help more people: I. Answer the following questions on a separate sheet. A. Has the practicum/fieldwork experience helped you prepare for a job in the business field? Why or why not? Yes, the practicum experienced helped me prepare for a job in the business field because it gives me learning about the real scenario of how to work in a bank, in which they taught me those duties and responsibilities that I will be used in preparing for a job someday. With that, I could I could say that those learning’s from where I had my practicum motivates me to be ready in the actual world of workplace. B.

Which of the courses you have taken were of the most value during the Practicum? Of all the courses that I have taken the most valuable during the practicum was the Total Quality Management (TQM), which talks about on how to manage things in a proper way because in the work that I have undergo I was assigned in encoding, stamping, filing, arranging documents and from those worked that I have encountered I have learned to see to it that everything must be in the proper way. It should be organized and orderly done. C. What could your company/job supervisor have done to improve your practicum/fieldwork experience?

My supervisor helped me to become a good listener, alert, and patience in every tasked that she gave to me. She made me become a good listener in the sense that I should see to it that in every words that she says, I must directly and clearly understand it. To be alert that in every assigned work I should have the enthusiasm or willingness to do and lastly she made me become patience, that whatever loaded work that will be given to me I shouldn’t be get mad or be high tempered. D. What could you have done to improve your practicum/fieldwork experience?

The thing that I have done to improve my practicum experienced is to gain willingness in every tasked that will be given, because if there’s a willing power of a person there’s a big possibility to make the worked done properly E. What skills/competencies were you required to use in your fieldwork that: . 1. You felt prepared to do: The skills that I have required to used in my fieldwork that I felt prepared to do, are my skills in encoding, sorting, arranging bundles of documents even the ability to make conversations with clients and faced their concerns. 2. You felt unprepared to do:

The skill that I felt unprepared to do was to market loans and making business transactions. Because I think I am not yet ready for that, I need to undergo an experienced for me to be ready. F. What other courses or learning experiences would have helped in the Practicum? The other learning experiences that have helped in the practicum was our subject in Marketing Management which tackled about on how to market products or services, reminds me in the official business travel that I have joined together with the selected employees from the bank where I did my on-the-job-training.

From which I saw the actual scene on how to market loans. The other subject that helped me in the practicum was our Management 3 which talks about the ethical behavior, helped me to behave in a descent way and treat one another fairly even if a person is lower than your position G. What suggestions can you make to help improve the Practicum Program? I suggests that if