Media and Social Responsibility

Do information media have social responsibility? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not? I, along with many other people will agree we are not sure what responsibilities are that information media has, but they do have some sort of responsibility. Media outlets need to remain unbiased, but we all know that none of them do. The certain news sites that I read, do usually seem one sided, but I keep an open mind when it comes to believing what the say.

If I have any doubt what I am reading is far fetched, I turn to other sources to make sure I get the whole story. Over the years when I have done research on a particular topic, I have always used multiple sources. As far as the information media having any responsibilities, the have many. The main responsibility that they have is to report the most truthful news that they possibly can. They need to stay away from what their views are and report the truth, not just what they speculate. That is the biggest problem they have.

If we can’t believe what they say, how are we going to find out what really happened. Their responsibilities need to stay focused on what is needed to be done, and that is to get a factual story out to the general public. Too many media outlets rush to get the “BIG” story out before the others and they leave out many key factors and the story usually doesn’t make much sense. The ones that are usually guilty of that are the local sites. They want to break the news when the have no information what so ever.