media constructions

The mook is just a media construction, like jackass and tom green. The mooks make wicked things such as poo-diving, some attitudes where taken from real teen agers. In other words a mook is an adolescent male made by real teen agers attitudes. While the midriff, nowadays, make think girls that they best asset is their body, such as Britney Spears. The midriff is a media construction due to how teenagers are interested in sexual relationships, boys and girls want the same thing, so the best way to get is by having a great body where the opposite sex would like to be with.

As I said, Britney Spears use her body as an asset and by this she attracts boys and her public rise, in other words her business grows. MTV influence you, you don’t realize but when you watch it you sometimes see things that you think that they are not bad and at the end they start to like you. For example, if a girl is watching MTV and you see great bodies and you see the result of having a great body you might decide to have a good body only to attract boys. I think that these are stereotypes because they look aggressive, they aren’t censured they show something new, you don’t expect to see that and it gets your attention.