Medical Terminology

In this week’s learning, I learned from Readings and Lectures from Chapter Two and Four. In Chapter Two I learned, The Medical Terms of the different Anatomical Planes, Directions, and Body Regions. I learned the individual body systems into the organization and functions of the body as a whole. I learned How to comprehend, spell, and write medical terms pertaining to the body as a whole so I can communicate and document medical terms accurately and precisely. I learned to recognize and pronounce medical terms pertaining to the body as a whole so that I can communicate verbally with accuracy and precision.

Fellow Classmates and I had to discuss the different types of Bone Disorders and how we can prevent them. Learning the different types of Bone Disorders was one of many medical sources that I didn’t know much about. After this week’s Bone Disorder discussion I now know that there are many types of Bone Disorders and what the causes and effects are from them. In this week’s course assignments, I learned from a Chapter Review, Chapter Quiz, Connect Activity, and the introduction of the Final Portfolio Assignment Research Paper.

Learning from the Chapter Review, it was a hundred multiple questions about the chapters and lectures of this week. I learned from the Chapter Quiz which was also a final review of this week’s material learning. I learned from the Connect Activity by completing the assignment modules of this week’s learning material. I was introduced to my final portfolio project consists the assignment instructions and grading rubric for a research paper which is due in week seven.

In this week’s learning, I can apply each aspect of my learning from chapter readings, lectures, discussions, and class assignments through my personal, professional, and academics life. Personally, I’m gaining information about what my body can do and how it is done. Professionally, I will use each of the medical terms and knowing the medical information throughout my career. Academically, I’m sure I’ll use my knowledge of learning from this course to another course too.