memorable and happiest moments of life

I agree that childhood is the happiest times of one’s life. Children can spend their time mostly on having fun, not caring about what the others thinks about them, being really carefree. Children do not really care about how they look or what they are doing, they just do whats fun for them. Young children do not have to worry about their tests, studying all the time to achieve good grades. Children usually get what they want just by asking, because the adults just sometimes give in. thers may beg to differ but i feel that childhood is the happiest times of one’s life. I think that childhood is the happiest time of one’s life because children at that age do not really have a particular responsibility to hold. They just wanted to have fun , enjoy , lay and did what makes them happy. They have a completely different mindset from adults or teenagers, in other words, their mindset is always free and easy.

A children greatest decision to make at that age would probably be just which colour crayon should he or she use. Besides, their needs are not much complicated. You can make them happy easily by giving them sweets or notebook as if you have given them a luxury car. In a nutshell, i considered the childhood time as the most memorable and happiest moment of life because at that age, their expectations from life and other people are just plain simple and would not cause any trouble to others.