Mending Wall Poetry Analysis

The neighbour keeps resorting back to the same simple argument and point of his father’s saying, “Good fences make good neighbours. ” The speaker continues to remain unconvinced and presses the neighbour’s old-fashioned stubborn claims to be overlooked despite his reluctance to be swayed. The piece remarkably is quite simplistic in the way that the vocabulary of the poem contains no real fancy words, most are short and the majority can be used in conversion in everyday life.

There are no stanza breaks, obvious ending rhymes or overall rhyme scheme observed either. The repetition of whole lines is surveyed twice throughout the poem however. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” is the opening line of the piece and is repeated on line thirty-six. This is a reoccurring idea that this wall should not be up standing in the first place as it is unnecessary. Frost says that there is a natural force that tears down these walls as they are unnatural.

The repetition emphasises that it only separates us from being able to build last longing relationships from those who may be on the opposite side to that fence. The other replication noticed is of the motto of the neighbour’s father, “Good fences make good neighbours. ” This phrase holds a very strong importance to the speaker’s neighbour. In no way, shape or form does the man over the wall want to change his sturdy built tradition of his father’s trusty and wise wisdom.

Frost would rather the neighbour think for himself and for him to grasp the opportunity to do something different rather than continue to “move in darkness” and let go of the unneeded barrier between that lies between them. One interpretation is that Frost could be trying to convey is one of unnecessary barriers and dead-ends. Excuses not to alter their lives, not to form new friendships or develop and build even stronger ones. The title Mending Wall could mean anything but fixing the fence between the two blocks of land but refer instead to the broken relationship that exists between two human beings.