Military appts

Doctor’s appointments are missed each and every day by people who either forget to show up or choose not to call and cancel their appointment. One of the reasons why it is best to try and keep your doctor’s appointment is because it is the polite thing to do. Would you arrange a job interview with a company you were serious about working for but then fail to show up? No, not in the civilian world. It is very important to schedule routine doctor appointments regularly to ensure proper treatment as needed to care for my health as an injured soldier.

I schedule my appointments so I can work on treating my injuries physically and mentally so when I medically retire I can hope for a better future of recovering and living a healthy life with a greater chance of being alive a lot longer than if I didn’t take proper treatment. If I didn’t think appointment were important than I would see my health go downhill and the recovery would be nearly impossible.

It’s very important to be on time to my appointments because if I were late I wouldn’t receive the proper treatment I need, I would be taking time away from another soldier that thinks his appointments are just as important for his treatment and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone, including myself and my healthy life and another reason is because it is my place of duty while in the military. When scheduling appointments you do not want to miss them for a number of reasons.

If you miss the appointment, you are not only wasting your doctor’s time. You could also place your health at risk if you do not start your treatment as quickly as possible. It is rude to your doctor and you are not following through with treatment that’s important for your health. Someone who also needed treatment sooner could have had the opportunity to be seen if I was going to schedule and miss my appointment. One of the primary concerns with missed appointments is that they limit access to care for multiple patients.

When patients fail to appear for their appointments or they don’t call and cancel in advance, it’s kind of hard to have enough appointments to meet the health-care needs of other patients. Making an appointment is the same as guaranteeing you will be somewhere at the agreed upon time. Just as you expect a provider to be there as scheduled, the provider expects you to be there as well. The dental office supports hundreds of members a day and works hard to keep the process of seeing Soldiers flowing smoothly. Missing an appointment interrupts that process and creates unnecessary additional work for schedulers, providers, and staff.

Our goal is to support the organization that supports us by meeting all appointments. Although I can understand your missing an appointment because of recent distractions, there is no valid excuse for missing an appointment. We must find a way to make sure you don’t miss future appointments. People use a variety of methods but they all share one thing in common: they all realize, at the moment they make the appointment, that they have made a promise to be present at a certain time and place and must find a way to make sure they meet their obligation.

Some people have established methods that they use over and over such as writing the appointment down in an appointment book and reviewing it daily. Others write it down on a sticky note and put it somewhere where they will see it every day to remind them of the impending appointment. I will not dictate the method you use because our goal is to make sure you meet all future appointments and the method I suggest may not work for you. You must choose a method that works for you and ensure you make all future appointmets because further missed appointments will result in more severe action and affect your career.