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The rapid growth of Web 2. 0 introduced a number of new design patterns and architectural styles in web development. One of the notable techniques involves the mashing up of information from existing services to deliver value-added new services. This process effectively includes the drawing of content from several sources in order to create a new content or service. The resulting web page Is finally referred to as mashup of the existing content.

While mashup services bring flexibility and speed In delivering new valuable services to consumers, the legal Implications of his technology are significant. The term “mashup” originates In the music branch, especially from mixing songs or samples from two or more songs, lyrics or background music to produce a new soundtrack . ln case of the World Wide Web, mashups are websites, web – pages, web – services or applications which combine data, Information, music, geotracks from more than one source Into one application, service or website.

This is generally achieved by using third party application programming interfaces (Apr s) or open technologies such as Ajax, PHP or syndicated eds like RSS or ATOM. Based on service composition in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts, mashups are flexible and dynamic services.. Web 2. 0 takes us to a deeply service-oriented world, where we can exploit everyday services such as news, instant messaging and blogging via our desktops, mobile phones, PDA, BlackBerry and soon.

Most of the time people are not aware of the actions “behind the scenes” in terms of the massive network of service interactions. Such services occasionally seem as if they are re – writing the existing services. In fact they are mart compositions (mashups) of the existing ones. Known as “Web application hybrid” this smart way of combining the content from more than one source into an integrated experience is called “mash up” technology. One of my favorite Mashup Websites is Neibex. com. Neibex. com” is a neighborhood explore. sing this tool you can specify the country that you are situated in and then the City, the postal code and the radius you want your search to take into account. You can look up just anything: find local events, cars, Jobs, real estate, twits, classifieds, restaurants, stores, pa and beauty, theaters, banks, ATM, hotels, auto, household services, doctors, clinics, hospitals and health services, businesses and web resources. It stands as a quick and direct way to find anything you might be looking for in your close vicinity. Nelbex” Is a conjunction of several APIs. First we can observe the use of The Google Base API that makes it possible to get Items In and out of Google Base; a free service for submitting various content for Google to host and to make searchable online. The service allows content providers to upload structured data (Including Jobs, vehicles, recipes, events, products, reviews, and otheirs) to Google, surface It across Google search properties, and syndicate It Vla apls, gadgets and gadget ads.

Next we see the use of the Google Maps API, which allows for the embedding of Google Maps onto web pages of outside developers, using a simple JavaScript Interface or a Flash Interface. It Is designed to work on both mobile devices as well as traditional desktop browser applications. The API includes language localization for over 50 languages, secure (HTTPS) connection by Google Maps API Premier customers. Furtheirmore ,”Neibex” takes the use of Yahoo Local Search APIs that give users access to a comprehensive database of information and content in Yahoo.

Local ranging from business information, to user comments, to ratings. Data includes business address and phone, category, rating, distance, URL and traffic alerts. Yahoo Local makes a great addition to any mashup, bringing in location-based relevancy and the additional context of what real people have experienced in these places. Moreover we see the use of The Twitter micro-blogging service that includes two Restful APIs. The Twitter REST API methods allow developers to access core Twitter data.

This includes update timeliness, status data, and user information. And the Search API methods give developers methods to interact with Twitter Search and trends data. Also Neibex. com with The Google Friend Connect API gives developers an easy way for one-click user authentication using any of Google, Yahoo, AIM, or Open ID accounts. Google Friend Connect APIs enable developers iintegrate social flows and data directly within a page’s mark-up, via the Open Social standard pacification.

Integrate existing login systems, registered users, and existing data with new social data and activities. Create social gadgets and services that are embeddable within millions of Friend Connect enabled sites. The main point is that every mashup website generally does not require programming skills and makes existing data more useful, for personal and professional use. There is a hug digit of mashup coming up every day, conjoining photos, videos, maps, social, music, and information. You Just have to explore your needs!