most exclusive store in the world.

Gucci The company Gucci is well known in many countries. The moment a person hears the word Gucci what comes to mind is fashion and expesive. In 1921, Guccio Gucci opened his first store in his native country Italy. Since 1921 Gucci has evolve into one of the most exclusive store in the world. It wasnt until 1950, that Gucci became known once the green red green logo was released. In 1953 due to Guccio Gucci’s death his sons Aldo, Ugo, Rodolfo and Vasco took over the company. It is then that Gucci introduces products that are most wanted by well known celebrities.

Products such as perfumes, watches, handbags, shoes, clothing and sunglasses. During the late 1970s the company faced many ups and downs. This was due to wrong business desicions and family quarrels. As of today the company remains in on the top list of the fasion industry. Week 13- Segmenting and Targeting Markets Gucci does not have a specific target market. It aims at the people that are willing to buy their products. Gucci has a successful market segmentation because it follows four basic criterias.

They  have enough customers to buy their products, it is identifiable and measurable, their market segmentation member are accessible to marketing efforts and their market segment responds to particular marketing efforts in a way that distinguishes it from Their moves into Jakarta come as some of the world’s largest markets for high-end goods sag: Sales for many high-end brands have weakened in the West, while a slowing Chinese economy has damped its consumers’ appetite for luxury.

The growth of Indonesia’s economy is expected to ease this year, but the country’s ballooning middle class will drive luxury-goods consumption in the long term, according to Frederick Gibson, an associate economist at Moody’s Analytics in Sydney. other