Movie Analysis;Spiderman movie.

There are many versions of Spiderman, but “Amazing Spider-man” is the best version ever. The graphic works, the music, and the plot are amazing like the movie title. The Amazing spider-man is not connected to the previous Spiderman movie. One online film critic stated that there is a silent war ongoing right now between two of the big comic book flicks hit theaters in July of 2012: Warner Bros. ’ The Dark knight Rises and Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man (Sandy Schaefer).

In addition, I do believe that this movie really sound like a more genuinely contemporary portrayal of the eponymous webslinger than that offered in Raimi’s previous movie trilogy. Although some of the character I do not like the way they act and somehow they cannot give me a clear mind what they should able to act, I could still agree this version of the Spiderman is the best I have seen. The characters in the movie are very rich for the audience to watch. Every action movie are essential to have the element of love scene, fighting scene, the falling scene, and the return scene.

The main character is obviously the Spider-man Peter Parker. Here is the aforementioned from Amazing Spider-Man: “Like most teenagers his age, Peter [played by Andrew Garfield] is trying to figure out who he is and how to be the person he is today. In his journey to put the pieces of his past together he uncovers a secret that his father [Campbell Scott] held… a secret that will ultimately shape his destiny as Spider-Man. This is the first in a series of movies that tells a different side of the Peter Parker story. ” (Schaefer). Peter Parker has struggled to find his purpose in life, ever since Peter’s parents disappeared 13 years old.

Like other movies, he must face the ultimate challenge on the brink of unlocking the mystery. Thus, he is absolutely hero archetype that he defeats Dr. Connors and safe the whole New York City. The female character, Spider-man girlfriend, Gwen Stacy is knowledgeable and wise. For some moment, she is charismatic and rebellious when she deal with her family. Gwen is the chief intern at Oscorp, a position she takes very seriously. However, her mentor Dr. Connors is the competitor of Spiderman. Captain Stacy is an esteemed police officer who leads the investigation into Spiderman.

Captain Stacy is highly alert to his family more than the city, especially his only daughter, Gwen. Apparently, the villain is Dr. Connors. It is not clear that he is the lizard when it comes to the end. He is a scientist that attempts to engineer a revolutionary regeneration serum to help regrow limbs and human tissue. He became so horrible at the end. The hero’s journey is always followed by the 17 stages of Joseph Cambell’s Monomyth. But for nowadays movies, they eliminate some of the stages in a simply form. Not surprisingly, Campbell’s idea is generally applied to many Hollywood screenwriting and literature as well.

The Ordinary World- Peter Parker is a student at Midtown Science High School, and he lives with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. His parent is a mystery and left him with no explanation when he was young. As a result, Peter is frustrated and longs to find out more about his father and why he left. Peter is weird around his peers, but he still sticks up for the underdog. Call to Adventure- Peter found out a file and lead him to research his father’s lab partner who works at Oscorp Tower, Dr. Connors. He goes to him and look out for answers. Later, he is bitten by a spider that is being used to create biocable.

He starts to have the abilities of spider. He has been introduced to the Special World that is opposite of what he knows. Refusal of the Call- Peter begins to test his power, and using them to beat the bully who picked on him, Flash Thompson. His emotion change and have argument with Uncle Ben. Because Uncle Ben feels his strange behavior, so he follows him and that make the tragedy of the thief shoots Uncle Ben. Meeting with the Mentor- Dr. Connors is a mentor to him when it comes to science. Another crucial mentor is Uncle Ben of course. Hence, he gives a big influence on Peter, and when he dies, Peter is pushed to his limits.

Crossing the Threshold- Because of the death of Uncle Ben, Peter pushed himself into the Special World. Peter tries to hunt the thief who murdered Uncle Ben. Test, Allies, Enemies- When Peter fights crime, he confronts criminals and makes enemies. At school, he developed a friendship with Gwen. His tests are increasing in difficulty: Dr. Connors displayed a semblance of friendship toward him, but as his identity shifts into the Lizard, this will change. Captain Stacy, Gwen’s father, shows an antagonistic attitude toward Peter and his alter-ego. Approach- Spiderman tries to stop the creature on the bridge. The Lizard got a big fight at

Midtown Science high School, and Peter tries to stop him with Gwen’s help. Ordeal- Spiderman was shot by a police bullet that stuns him electrically. It is a hard time to Spiderman to fight his way out, reveals his identity to Captain Stacy. Reward- Captain Stacy lets him go, showing his trust in Peter. Resurrection- The Lizard is strong and powerful. Captain Stacy and Peter Parker finally work together to restrict the activities and take the Lizard down. Return with the Elixir- Dr. Connors has been returned back to normal. He has saved Gwen, but Captain Stacy was killed. As he dies, he asks Peter to keep Gwen out of his life to protect her.

It is not only a promise to Captain Stacy, but also in a carton of eggs. He is a different person, and even though he may not have all of the answers he wanted, he has learned to put others ahead of himself during the search. The Elixir Peter Parker has brought back from his journey is that of a new hero. He is no longer just Peter Parker, fatherless teenager. He is Spider-Man. (Milles). Peter Andrew Garfield who is the actor of Spiderman did a good job in the movie because it is a challenge to an actor to have a big different from being a normal person to an amazing ultimate hero.

Andrew Garfield can express and show on his face that the inner features of Spiderman to the audience. Honestly, the only person I do not satisfy is Emma Stone, who is the actress of Gwen Stacy, and I reckon many of the commends on the internet board criticize that she has not done a great job on her part. For instance, there is a frightening scene that she is holding a knife hiding when Dr. Connors has become the Lizard and chasing her. I am sorry to say that, but I cannot feel any scary moment in the scene. For the love scene, I do not think she acts like a spouse of Peter Parker.

Also, she did not have the interaction with her family show that she is rebellious. The plot is moving smooth and clear when I follow along to the hero’s journey. Refer to the hero’s journey, the plot is developed and excited. I would not find any boring scene in the entire movie. When I watched along with it, I would have many unexpected things happen, and really influence the audience to keep watching on it. Moreover, the music composer of the movie is James Horner. Indeed, he is a great composer of film music. James Horner also composes some great movies such as Titanic and Avatar.

He is currently as famous as John Williams and the music they composed does make the audience impressed. His music moved the audience, and there is no doubt that film music is so significant because we are not only watching the screen, but listen to the music also. Amazing Spiderman is well-developed movie as following the classic hero’s journey. It does make the audience easy to follow and a feeling of unexpected. Also, the action scene is exciting to watch. Even though I know it is not real, but I really get into it. Furthermore, the music do influence the audience and no movie can neglect music because it is an crucial tools.