Movie Concept Proposal

The gender of the target audience I believe would mostly be males because in gangster films, males take the prominent role and women are sometimes degraded in the roles they play. For our film, the gender of the target audience would mainly be males, though females could be attracted to the film also. 4. Background: I. Time:1949-1980 II. Place:Taipei III. Event or specific social context:In December 1949, Chiang evacuated his government to Taiwan and made Taipei the temporary capital of the ROC (also called the “wartime capital” by Chiang Kai-shek).

Some 2 million people, consisting mainly of soldiers, members of the ruling Kuomintang and the intellectual and business elites, were evacuated from mainland China to Taiwan at that time, adding to the earlier population of approximately six million. After the 228 Incident, the conflicts between the “benshengren” and “waishengren” turn white hot. The different goals of the Chinese Nationalists and the Taiwanese, coupled with cultural and language misunderstandings served to further inflame tensions on both sides.

The early Han Chinese immigrants known as the “benshengren” (Chinese: ??? ; literally “home-province person”) in Chinese, which often referred to “native Taiwanese” in English, but the term is also frequently used for the Taiwanese aborigines. The people who emigrated from mainland China after 1945 known as “waishengren”. 5. Characters:(1) Xiang(??? ) (2) Shin(??? ) (3) Mei(??? )<> (4) Li(??? )Xiang’s father <> (6) Han(??? )Shin’s father <> 6. Scenario:The relationship between Xiang, Shin and Mei was just a case of playmates in their childhood.

Xiang’s father, Li, was one of the soldiers who evacuated from mainland China to Taiwan at 1949. One day, when Li was working at canny plant, he met Hua, a beautiful Hak-ka girl, and then they fell in love. Xiang was born in 1954, Taipei. Xiang’s family and Shin’s family lived next door; as a result, they became best friends. When they got to elementary school, they met Mei. They didn’t keep anything from each other. After Graduated from elementary school, they entered a school in which most of the students were born locally.

As one of only three non-locals in Xiang’s class, he became a frequent target of bullying; he and fellow students with roots in the mainland began to form gangs for their own protection. He didn’t know why, and He was confused that why those local students hate him. He swore to take their revenge on those who bullied him. He joined a local gang at 12, and United Bamboo Association (uniting all the “non-local” gangs to stand up against another local gang) was created a couple of years later. The friendship between Xiang and Shin was broken.

After few years, Shin became a cup and Mei married him… This is a story about love and hatred between them and also the struggles about family, nation and gangster. 7. Main Issues: (1) the contradiction and struggles between Benshengren and Waishengren (2) the struggles and conflicts between friendship and gangster (3) the love and hatred between young people (4) the grief of nobody in the great era (5) Cooperation and Symbiosis is the only way for a Healthy Taiwan 8. Marketing Strategy: (1) Where:Focus on metropolis.

Taipei, New Taipei City, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. (2) How: (a) Starting up to a year before the release of a major studio movie, distributors run movie trailers that are meticulously edited and audience-tested. The idea is to give moviegoers a taste of the laughs, special effects and plot twists of the studio’s upcoming releases, while leaving them wanting more. (b) About the same time that the first trailers hit the theaters, the movie studio will unveil an official Web site for the film.

Typical movie Web sites allow visitors to view multiple versions of the trailer, watch behind-the-scenes interviews and mini-documentaries, read plot synopses, download cell-phone ringtones and desktop wallpaper, play games, and chat in forums and even pre-order tickets. (c) As the release date of the film draws closer, try to get early favorable press coverage in newspapers, magazines and on entertainment TV shows. (d) To bombard the public with so many images and promos for the movie that it becomes a “can’t miss” event.

Plaster the sides of buses with huge ads, run tons of teaser trailers on TV, place full-page ads in major newspapers and magazines, and the movie’s stars will show up on all of the major talk shows. (e) Place rich, interactive ads on the Web sites most trafficked by their target audience. They can also release behind-the-scenes clips, and other viral videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube. 9. Poster Design (pictures &amp; copywriting) The characters in the poster from left to right are Xiang, Mei and Shin.

In the poster, the Chinese word “Yi”(? )means the loyalty in friends or gangster, where is Xiang’s second family, just like his home. The historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” glorified Guan Yu by portraying him as a righteous and loyal warrior. Guan Yu was one of the most altered and aggrandized characters in the novel, which accounted for his popular image in Chinese society. As a result, I used the image of “Guan Gong” to represent the meaning of “Yi”, which also means loyalty in Chinese word.