movie of psychological review

This interesting movie had many twist and turns that always kept you on the edge of your seat. The mysterious ending could have been interrupted in a variety of different views depending on the person watching the movie. The psychological role of the movie was tremendous, with patients ranging from paranoid schizophrenia to multiple personality disorders. The patients in the Manhattan Institute are suffering from various different disorders. The patient Prot was a delusional person that also suffered from PTSD. He thinks he’s from another planet, and many other of the patients are starting to believe him.

Bess is another patient that is in a state of depression called paraiod schizophrenia and psychotic depression. Maria is a patient that is suffering from Multiple Personality Order. Her personalities vary form one to another. Howie is a patient that is on tranquilizers, and he has a desire for perfection. He spends most his time reading dictionaries and encyclopedias which enables him in his mind to speak without any mistakes. Prot is to be said from another planet, K-Pax. The evidence that is supporting his statement would be numerous events in the movie.

First, he gave an entire map of his solar system and the exact coordinates. It was an amazing discovery that no other astronomer has yet discovered in our time. Next would be when the scientist said that Prot could see ultraviolet light, no human being can see this light. Also when Prot talked to the doctor’s dog about the kids sneaking up on the dog that the dog did not like that and the dog told him that which he talked to the kids about not sneaking up on the dog from the left side because he was hard of hearing in that ear.

Prot said that he was going on a trip to Iceland and Greenland. The doctor didn’t believe him but Prot was missing for a couple of days. When he said he was going back to his planet at that exact time and date, a light came into the room and messed up all the security systems. Also Bess was missing because he said he was going to take one person back with him. After this incident Prot didn’t have to wear his sunglasses, and didn’t talk at all. All of the other patients didn’t recognize him at all.

Also where Robert Potter lived near Roswell, New Mexico, which is a place where aliens have been spotted. Also after Robert killed the rapist and murderer he went down to kill himself in the river. The movie never really gives you the exact answer you are looking for as far as if he was an alien or not, it leaves the viewer to determine their own answer. All in All, k-pax is still one of my favorite movies just because of the psychological elements behind it.